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About MyUPB Forum

MyUPB Forum software was first released in 2002, its initials being an acronym of Ultimate Php Board. It was written by a small team of software developers working under the banner Php Outburst headed by Tim Hoeppner aka Pilot and supported by Jerroyd Moore aka Rebles, and is flat file utilising an in-house text base database rather than the then expensive MySQL option used on most forums today. It soon became very popular and at its height powered many hundred websites. Other key members during this period were Jono345, The Ripper, Codex and Clark, who joined in April 2007.

Although the team continued to expand its features MySQL based forums had become a cheap and attractive alternative which lead to a decline in the number of sites using MyUPB. In December 2010 v.2.2.7. became available though sadly this has proved to be the last official release.

Progress since then has been slow with the original team retiring from the project leaving just Clark who continued to develop the forum with localisation and various other additions until he too left the project in May 2014.

With Clark's departure future development of the project to v.2.2.8 is uncertain and there is no longer any official support.

MyUPB is still a great forum package that is ideal for smaller websites that don't require a 'feature rich' forum and can be even better providing some of the errors and configuration issues can be corrected.

If you would like to learn more about the project and the various releases then visit these sites:

The official MyUPB forum  and  Github repository for MyUPB

Or download php forum script v.2.2.7 and try it yourself for free.

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