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Saturday March 11, 2023 22:19:19 pm
Name: John
Town/Country: Sheringham, norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Great site. Some of the buildings since it became a new town are slowly disappearing. I hear the town centre itself is going to be transformed with high rise flats dominating the skyline. Glad I got out when i did.
Monday December 19, 2022 14:06:59 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Kate May
Town/Country: USA
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: Loved Basildon when I visited recently!
Sunday February 20, 2022 18:40:44 pm Email
Name: Holly Dayen
Town/Country: Scotland
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: This is a great website. Very informative. I love reading about Basildon's history.
Wednesday July 28, 2021 06:24:45 am My Website Link Email
Name: Southend Sites
Town/Country: Southend on Sea
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: A few pictures from Basildon Music Festivals from 1980's.
Wednesday June 30, 2021 10:46:30 am Email
Name: Rob
Town/Country: ROMNEY MARSH
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Decent website, haven't been to basildon in years!
Wednesday June 10, 2020 16:09:30 pm
Name: Josh
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I remember my grandpa telling me stories about the town and the surrounding area.
Tuesday April 28, 2020 12:11:25 pm Email
Name: Carol Cook (Gilbert)
Town/Country: Ipswich
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Wow! A great site. Enjoyed reminiscing.
I went to Dunton Primary School (1976) and Laindon High Road (1977-1983). I worked in The Clock House building in Laindon for Steggles Palmer Solicitors and then went to work at The James Hornsby High School. Now living in Ipswich but never forget my Essex roots. I hear Basildon is undergoing big changes, so will have to come and visit soon.
Saturday April 11, 2020 10:22:37 am Email
Name: Paul Graver
Town/Country: Canberra Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I lived at 13 Hill Crest View which was, if I remember, at the top of Paynters Hill Vange. I attended Vange Primary in 1951 and remember the floods in 1953. We could see the water covering the Marshes. From our street which was nothing more than a dirt track and footpath, I remember the Smiths especially Rita and the Versacularies ??? who lived at the end. I also remember the old man who had a very long white beard who was always grumpy with us. I also remember the Funeral Director coming to pick him up when he died. My Dad worked at the brickfields with a Mr Suckling who owned the sandpit. I was only 5 when I remember these things and I am now 72. The name Ramsays suddenly came to me and I looked it up, thats how I got here. PS If anyone calls me Dad, ill deny it.
Tuesday October 22, 2019 15:05:25 pm Email
Name: Ivor Dallinger
Town/Country: Maldon
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: Lived with my parents in Homeleigh'Topsham Road, Laindon, then in Agincourt' High Road' Laindon.
Love this site, keep it up please.
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