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About this website

Basildon History Online is a voluntary run website. It has no official status but was created in October 2001 with the aim of providing historical information and photographs relating to the Essex town of Basildon.

The website has no political opinion, and does not seek in any way to have any influence on people, places or events connected with Basildon.

The website has no affiliation with any local authority, or religious organisations, and is not connected in any way with Basildon Borough Council.

If you wish to contact the website, please consider the nature of your question/s in their relevance to Basildon and its history.

Anything off topic, i.e. not history related, cannot be responded to and should therefore be directed to the relevant authority. Whilst it would be nice to be able to answer as many questions as possible, it is not within the scope of this website to comment or advise on anything other than local history. Many questions are left unanswered where the subject matter bears no relevance in relation to the content of this website. Questions regarding Basildon's history will receive a response where possible, but no assurance's can be given.

For terms and conditions relating to the content of this website please view the website Disclaimer.
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Various sections of the sites text are coded within Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), where the font size is at a default and in some situations cannot be adjusted without changing the source code.

The main horizontal navigational menu is CSS driven replacing the previous Javascript menu which did not always display as intended across the various browser platforms available now. Other aspects of the site may also vary from one browser to another depending on the device used. When viewing many of the photographs Javascript must be ebabled in order for the image to display in a new 'pop up' window. Various PDF files are also used and you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them.

There is a useful Site Map located on the pull-down menu and also in the top right corner of each webpage that contains HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) enabled links.

The website does not contain any "Frame" driven webpages or advertising effects such as 'pop-up' adverts.

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Hopefully your visit to this website has been an enjoyable and enlightening one and that you visit again in the future.

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