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Former Property Names


Laindon West & North area (1):

Alexandra Road, Dunton Drive, Exmouth Road, Helmore Crescent, Kathleen Avenue, King Edward Road, Lower Avenue, Merrylands Chase, Merrylands Road, New Century Road, Percy Road, Sumpners Farm Road, Sydney Road, The Avenue, Topsham Road, Victoria Road, Victory Avenue, Victory Close, Westfield Road, Wimborne Avenue, Woodlands Road, Worthing Avenue, Worthing Road.

Laindon Counties Estate, West & North area (2):

Archer Road, Arterial Road, Aston Road, Bedford Road, Bourne Avenue, Brimsdown Avenue, Cromer Avenue, Denbigh Road, Durham Road, Highfield Grove, Manor Road, Norfolk Road, Railway Approach, Somerset Road, Suffolk Road, Victoria Crescent, Wrexham Road.

Laindon Station Estate:

Balmoral Road, Basil Drive, Berwick Road, Buckingham Road, Cambridge Road, Cecil Drive, Connaught Road, Cumberland Road, Diss Road, Douglas Road, Essex Road, Gloucester Road, Hertford Road, Inverness Road, Kent Road, Lancaster Road, Leicester Road, Leinster Road, Northumberland Avenue, Norwich Road, Preston Road, Pulgrave Avenue, Rutland Road, Sandringham Road, Stirling Road, Tyler Avenue, Ulster Road, Windsor Road, Woodview Road.

Garden of Roses Estate, Great Cowles Estate, Laindon Hall Estate, Arterial Road area:

Arterial Road, Ashleaves Avenue, Barrett Grove, Basildon Rise, Church Hill, Church Road, Claremont Road, Dickens Drive, Dovercourt Avenue, Doves Avenue, Latimer Drive, (St.) Nicholas Lane, Pound Lane, Rusticana Crescent, Tavistock Road, Westminster Court Road, Wraysbury Drive.

Basildon Road, Central Park Estate area:

Arterial Road, Basildon Road, Bracken Mount, Central Park Drive, Central Park Road, Colenso Road, Durban Road, Elmwood Road, Elm Farm Road, Hardy Road, Junction Road, Kenilworth Road, Kimberley Road, Ladysmith Avenue, Nelson Road, Pretoria Avenue, The Chase, Waverley Road.

High Road:

High Road, Laindon - Laindon railway station to the Fortune of War roundabout.


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