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Former Property Names

Lee Chapel (North & South)

Lee Chapel (1) Wootton Park Estate (became Lee Chapel North post 1949):

Almada Avenue, Borthwick Drive, Brentford Avenue, Chingford Drive, Church Avenue, Darnley Avenue, Drakes Avenue, Earl-De-Essex Chase, Edgeware Drive, Elizabeth Drive, Fleet Avenue, Green Lane, Hendon Avenue, Hill Top Road, Hilly Road, Lord Burleigh Drive, Markhams Chase, Mavis Drive, Pembroke Avenue, Phillips Drive, Picard Avenue, Rathmore Avenue, Ravenswood Drive, Raleigh Drive, Spencer Avenue, Spinney Road, Walbrook Drive, Woottens Lane, Wooton Way.

Lee Chapel (2) Primrose Hill Estate (became Lee Chapel South post 1949):

Armagh Avenue, Benton Drive, Eaton Wenlock Avenue, Green Lane, Heywick Drive, Killowen Road, Leicester Avenue, Merrin Avenue, Lee Chapel Road, Rostrevor Road, Torney Avenue, Uppercrest Road, Woottens Lane.

The Primrose Hill estate was a series of unmade roads with, in some cases, 18" concrete pathways. It was somewhat remote with perhaps its main access being via an 'occupation' crossing traversing the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway. Alternatively anyone journeying from the direction of Langdon Hills could walk the length of Lee Chapel Lane (once known as Oxford Street) and be upon it. The estate came into being sometime in the early 1900s when land that was previously farmed became available in the form of plots which were purchased by many individuals who then erected properties, some to a very poor standard, or in some cases left the land undeveloped. Two notable buildings from the area that predated the land sales were Lee Chapel Farm and Castle Mayne Farm. Today, there is nothing left of the estate with much of the area becoming Lee Chapel South. The railway crossing was closed when Staneway bridge was constructed in the early 1960s.


During the creation of Basildon 'New Town' the area of Lee Chapel lying north of the London to Shoeburyness railway line became Lee Chapel North and the remainder of the former parish south of the line became Lee Chapel South, which it remains today.
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