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Back to locations menuBasildon
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon History YouTube Channel
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon history related news events
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon History
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Town Centre
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Street Names
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon street name meanings
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Former Basildon street names
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon new town street map circa 1950
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon road numbers during development corporation years
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Former Property Names
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Dunton
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Laindon
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Langdon Hills
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Lee Chapel (North area)
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Lee Chapel (South area)
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Nevendon
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Pitsea
blank.gif bullit1.gif    Vange
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Parks
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Churches
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Holy Cross Church
blank.gif bullit1.gif     St. Martin's Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Buses in Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Bus Station
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Bus Garage
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Buses around Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon bus services in 1956
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon bus services in 1966
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon bus services in 1972
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon area bus operator books
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon's Railway Stations
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Railway Station
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Books about the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Farms
blank.gifbullit1.gif Industry in Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Industry in the 1950s
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Industry in the 1960s
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Industry in the 1970s
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon Industry in the 1980s
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Inns and Public Houses
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Primary Schools
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Secondary Schools
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Regional Shopping centres
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Town Centre shop closures and changes
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Town Square
blank.gif bullit1.gif     East Square
blank.gif bullit1.gif     East Walk
blank.gif bullit1.gif     South Walk
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Market Square
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Market Pavement
blank.gif bullit1.gif     South & North Gunnels
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Southernhay
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Fodderwick & Nether Priors
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Great Oaks & High Pavement
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Eastgate Centre
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Westgate Shopping Park
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Town Centre Celebrity Shop Openings
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Carnivals
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon - Works of art
blank.gifbullit1.gif Mecca Ballroom
blank.gifbullit1.gif Groups and artists who performed at the Mecca Ballroom
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Chronology
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1086 - 1499
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1500 - 1799
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1800 - 1849
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1850 - 1899
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1900 - 1909
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1910 - 1919
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1920 - 1929
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1930 - 1939
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1940 - 1944
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1945 - 1949
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1950 - 1954
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1955 - 1959
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1960 - 1964
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1965 - 1969
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1970 - 1974
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1975 - 1979
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1980 - 1984
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1985 - 1989
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1990 - 1994
blank.gif bullit1.gif     1995 - 1999
blank.gif bullit1.gif     2000 - 2004
blank.gif bullit1.gif     2005 - 2009
blank.gif bullit1.gif     2010 - 2014
blank.gif bullit1.gif     2015 - 2019
blank.gif bullit1.gif     2020 - 2024
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1951 Master Plan Technical Report extract
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon New Towns Exhibition 1959
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Progress Report 1956
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Progress Report 1963
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Progress Report 1980
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon - A New town in Essex
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon - 1949-1989 40th anniversary souvenir programme
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1956 Tenants Handbook extract for council properties within the urban district
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1958 Conditions of Tenancy for corporation properties
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1982 Conditions of Tenancy for corporation properties and garages
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1992 Commission For The New Towns proposed housing transfer ballot
blank.gifbullit1.gif circa 1990 Commission For The New Towns Rents-to-Mortgages scheme
blank.gifbullit1.gif Summary of the parliamentary constituency from 1660 to 1935
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon constituency area General Election results in detail 1885 - 1935
blank.gifbullit1.gif Summary of the parliamentary constituency and general election results from 1945 to 2019
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon constutuency area General Election results in detail 1945 - 2019
blank.gifbullit1.gif Electoral Wards - 1934-2012
blank.gifbullit1.gif Books about Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Miscellaneous titles
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Billericay history books
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Wickford history books
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Thurrock area history books
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Thundersley area history books
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Essex history books
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Basildon
Back to locations menuDunton
blank.gifbullit1.gif Dunton History
blank.gifbullit1.gif Dunton Plotlands
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Mary the Virgin Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Dunton
blank.gifbullit1.gif Dunton Hills Former Property Names
Back to locations menuLaindon
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon History
blank.gifbullit1.gif Old Tom Motor Services
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon bus services in 1950
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops 1890s onwards
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops East Side: Railway Station to St. Nicholas Lane
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops East Side: St. Nicholas Lane to A127 Fortune-of-War
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops West Side: Railway Station to Victoria Road
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops West Side: Victoria Road to A127 Fortune-of-War
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon Railway Station
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Nicholas Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon War Memorial
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Laindon
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon Shopping Centre
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon Shopping Centre 1969 - 2019 shop closures and changes
blank.gifbullit1.gif Laindon Former Property Names
Back to locations menuLangdon Hills
blank.gifbullit1.gif Langdon Hills History
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Mary and All Saints Church (Old)
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Mary's and All Saints Church (New)
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif Recreation Ground
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops 1890s onwards
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops East Side: Crown Hill to former Langdon Hills primary school
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops East Side: Former Langdon Hills primary school to Laindon Station
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops West Side: St. Mary's & All Saints Church to Alexander Road
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road Shops West Side: Alexander Road to Florence Way
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Langdon Hills
blank.gifbullit1.gif West Ham Sanatorium
blank.gifbullit1.gif Langdon Hills Former Property Names
Back to locations menuLee Chapel North
blank.gifbullit1.gif Ballards Walk Neighbourhood Centre
blank.gifbullit1.gif Open Space
blank.gifbullit1.gif Lee Chapel Parish Former Property Names 1
Back to locations menuLee Chapel South
blank.gifbullit1.gif Kibcaps Neighbourhood Centre
blank.gifbullit1.gif Lee Chapel Parish Former Property Names 2
Back to locations menuNevendon
blank.gifbullit1.gif Nevendon History
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Peter's Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Nevendon Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Nevendon
blank.gifbullit1.gif Nevendon - Honywood Road shops
Back to locations menuPitsea
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea History
blank.gifbullit1.gif St. Michael's Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Campbell's Motor Services
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea Railway Station
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea 1961 Rail Accidents
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea Broadway
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Broadway/Century Cinema
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Broadway - Power House
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Broadway Shop History
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Broadway North Shop History
blank.gif bullit1.gif     The Parade Shop History
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops, Properties and public buildings 1800s onwards
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road - North Side
blank.gif bullit1.gif     High Road - South Side
blank.gifbullit1.gif London Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif Rectory Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif Rectory Road Shops 1890s onwards
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Rectory Road Shops West Side (odd numbers)
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Rectory Road Shops East Side (even numbers)
blank.gifbullit1.gif Station Lane
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Station Lane Shop History
blank.gifbullit1.gif Wat Tyler Country Park
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea War Memorial
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea Former Property Names
blank.gifbullit1.gif Pitsea Market dome traders in 1969
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Pitsea
Back to locations menuVange
blank.gifbullit1.gif Vange History
blank.gifbullit1.gif All Saints Church
blank.gifbullit1.gif Paynters Hill
blank.gifbullit1.gif London Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops 1890s onwards
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops North Side
blank.gifbullit1.gif High Road Shops South Side
blank.gifbullit1.gif Vange War Memorial
blank.gifbullit1.gif Vange Former Property Names
blank.gifbullit1.gif Around Vange
blank.gifbullit1.gif Vange Well No.5
Back to locations menuMiscellaneous Links
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blank.gif bullit1.gif     Forum Archive: 2002 - 2013 Forum Threads
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blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Links
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Stories
blank.gif bullit1.gif     A person's life in Vange
blank.gif bullit1.gif     The story of Basildon & District as they were 1937 - 1947
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Billericay to the Laindon Hills & back to Billericay
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Laindon in the 1950s and 1960s
blank.gif bullit1.gif     A Memoir of Langdon Hills Sanatorium
blank.gif bullit1.gif     A New Life in The New Town
blank.gif bullit1.gif     New Town Reporter
blank.gif bullit1.gif     My Memories
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Plotland Memories
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Ray's Family Butchers
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Memories of Matthews Butchers and the Locarno Ballroom
blank.gif bullit1.gif     From London to Basildon and Plotland Memories
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Laindon through my eyes
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Childhood memories of Bowers Gifford, North Benfleet and Pitsea
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Unexplained Mystery's of Bowers Gifford and North Benfleet
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Spooks Scooter Club
blank.gif bullit1.gif     "Old Bondy"
blank.gif bullit1.gif     A Teabreak Tale
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Tew's shoe repair shop at the top of Riverton Drive, Vange
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Gladys Turbard - The Queen of Laindon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     My 60s-70s Childhood in Bowers Gifford
blank.gifbullit1.gif Former Property Names
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Dunton
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Laindon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Langdon Hills
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Nevendon
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Pitsea
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Vange
blank.gifbullit1.gif 1984 Compulsory Purchase Order example
blank.gifbullit1.gif Basildon Postcards - Main Menu
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Basildon area
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Laindon area
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Langdon Hills area
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Nevendon area
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Pitsea area
blank.gif bullit1.gif     Vange area
blank.gifbullit1.gif This day in Basildon's history
blank.gifbullit1.gif Date Chart
blank.gifbullit1.gif Abbreviations and Acronyms
blank.gifbullit1.gif Acknowledgements and Bibliography
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