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Former Property Names

Langdon Hills

Nightingale Avenue area:

Albemarle Crescent, Albert Road, Fife Road, Gladstone Road, Granville Road, Marlboro Road, Milton Avenue, Nightingale Avenue, Noreview Crescent, Northcote Road, Osborne Road, Park Avenue, Radcliffe Road, Russell Road, Salisbury Avenue, Victoria Avenue, Woodgrange Avenue.

Berry Lane area:

Alexander Road, Arnold Avenue, Beatrice Road, Berry Lane, Bridge Road, Bristow Crescent, Bristow Road, Butlers Grove, Byron Avenue, Corona Road, Egerton Drive, Ferndale Road, Florence Road, Grove Avenue, Heathleigh Drive, Lincewood Park Drive, Mollys Drive, Prescott Avenue, Raglan Road, Recreation Avenue, Roseberry Avenue, Shelley Avenue, St. Georges Road, Sylvan Road, Wellington Avenue, West Avenue, Wheaton Avenue.

Berry Park and Highbank Estates:

Arcadian Gardens, Beech Hall Gardens, Berry Drive, Bridge Avenue, Colony View Road, Crest Avenue, Denehurst Gardens, Dorset Avenue, Glenwood Gardens, Highbank Drive, Highland Gardens, Highview Avenue, Hill Top Rise, Margaret Avenue, Ronald Avenue, Sunnyside Gardens, Western Avenue.

Dry Street area:

Bridle Way, Conway Road, Dry Street, Kingston Hill, Kingston Way, Lee Chapel Lane, Livingstone Road, Speke Road, The Chase, Stacy Drive,

High Road:

High Road, Langdon Hills - Crown Hill (Post Office).


During the creation of Basildon new town some of the road names were eventually cleared of properties and the land incorporated into Langdon Hills nature reserve in the areas of Lincewood, Marks Hill and Hoppits Shaw. Although the road names no longer appear on maps the original course, including lengths of original pathway, in some cases, is still extant.
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