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Former Property Names


Clay Hill Road and Osborne Road areas:

Balmoral Road, Beach Road, Byron Road, Church Road, Claremont Road, Clay Hill Road, Honeypot Lane, Melbourne Road, Middle Hall Road, Osborne Road, Shaftesbury Road, Shelley Road.

Bellevue Drive, Brickfield Road and Paynters Hill areas:

Bellevue Drive, Brickfield Road, Bull Road, Collingwood Road, Downs Grove, Glenmere Avenue, High Road, Highfields Avenue, Highlands Avenue, Highview Road, Hillcrest View, Merricks Lane, Mountview Road, Paynters Hill, Pitseaville Grove, Rashleigh Drive, Ravenscourt Drive, Sea View Avenue, Southview Road, St. James Road, The Chase, Timberlog Lane, Vange Hill Drive, Victoria Road, Woodleigh Avenue.

Station Estate, Riverview Estate and Kent View Road areas:

Alder Road, Chestnut Road, Church View Drive, Freshwater Drive, Glen Road, Hall View Road, Hawthorn Road, Kent Road, Kent View Road, Railway Terrace, Riverton Drive, Riverview Road, Terminus Drive, Thamesville Drive, The Meads, Tilbury Road, Waterville Road, Wharf Lane, Whytewater Avenue, Woodfield Road.

High Road:

High Road, Vange - Clay Hill Road junction to the railway overbridge.


In the 1960s Bull Road was renamed Clay Hill Road along with a section of Timberlog Lane that ran between the Vange railway bridge (Basildon Bridge) and the junction with Vange High Road. Some road names like Whytewater Avenue were completely obliterated during the creation of the various Vange housing estates built between the early 1950s and the late 1970s.
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