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Acknowledgements & Bibliography

Basildon History Online is deeply grateful to the many individuals who have come forward and provided invaluable source material, photographs and general information for the benefit of this website.

Basildon History Online is also indebted to the following books, publications and newspapers, for providing an invaluable source of information on Basildon, and the surrounding area and its continuing story.

Searle, Muriel V. - Down the line to Southend (1985)
Lucas, Peter - Basildon - Behind the Headlines (1986)
Lucas, Peter - Basildon - Birth of a City (1986)
Lucas, Peter - Basildon (1991)
Ross, George - The Brink of Despair (1986)
Domin, David - Buses in Basildon (1970)
Hill, Marion - Britain in old photographs - Basildon (1999)
Hill, Marion - A century of Basildon (2000)
Payne, Jessie K. - Basildon - A pictorial history (1981)
Payne, Jessie K. - When Basildon was farms & fields (1987)
Basildon Development Corporation - A Plotland Album. The story of the Dunton Hills Community (1983)
Basildon District Council - The official guide to Basildon (1972) & (1997)
Basildon District Council - History of Basildon, Billericay & Wickford (1998)
Essery, R. - The London, Tilbury & Southend Railway & its Locomotives (2001)
Connor, J.E. - Fenchurch Street to Barking (1998)
Course, Dr. Edwin - Barking to Southend (2002)
Essex Chronicle
Essex Newsman
Essex Standard
The Southend Standard
Chelmsford Chronicle
Evening Echo
Standard Recorder
Basildon Standard
Laindon Recorder
Basildon Recorder
Yellow Advertiser
Link - Former Basildon District Council newspaper
District Diary - Former Basildon District Council newspaper
Borough Diary - Former Basildon Borough Council newspaper
Publications & Magazines:
The Essex Review
Essex Countryside Magazine
Census data from 1961 to 2021 are © Office of National Statistics, for England and Wales.
New Towns Act, 1946 - Annual Reports of the Development Corporation's: 1950 - 1984.
Master Plan - Basildon Development Corporation, 1951, 1965 revision.
The London Gazette - Official Public Record The Gazette
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