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When viewing the information on this website please note the following terms and conditions:

(01)  Information and use of:
Information regarding the history of Basildon, contained on pages within this website, is believed to be reasonably accurate, and in some cases true where authentically available data has been used, but Basildon History Online accepts no responsibility for any action taken by any individuals as a result of anything they may have read on this website believing it to be true or error free, and shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or organisation with respect to any loss, injury or damage arising from the information or use of the information contained on the Basildon History Online website.

(02)  Historical dates:
In instances where no documentation exists dates are entered as approximate and cannot be assumed to be exact. Various source material has been used in compiling the information herein and no guarantee is given that this information itself is not fallable or open to question.

(03)  Guestbook, Forum and Basildon Stories:
All comments entered into the Guestbook or Forum and any individually submitted personal memories of people, events or places are the views and opinions of those individuals and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Basildon History Online.

Any Guestbook or Forum entries deemed to be any of the following: a) defamatory b) obscene c) racist d) libellous e) misleading f) unrelated to the website's history theme, will be removed without notice.

(04)  Information regarding links to external websites:
By selecting any externally related links via the history links page, you are being transferred to External Websites that are not affiliated with, or under the ownership or control of Basildon History Online. Proceed at your own risk. Whilst there is an initial check to determine that external web links are genuine in their description, this Website is not responsible or liable for the operation, content or policies of the External Websites, and do not endorse, recommend, control, supervise or review their policies or content. You should address any concerns or questions you may have regarding the External Websites to the Site Administrator or Webmaster of that website.

This link disclaimer applies also to all other externally related links that can be found on various other pages throughout this website.

(05)  Copyright Material:
Unless otherwise specified, all photographs appearing on the Basildon History website, are the sole property of Basildon History Online and are protected by copyrights and laws. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, publicly display, prepare derivative works based on, or distribute in any way Basildon History's own material without first receiving written permission. You may download photographs, images and text provided it is for your own personal non-commercial home use. This copyright notice does not extend to third party copyrighted material found on webpages within the Basildon History website. Permission to reproduce third party copyright protected material would require authorisation directly from the copyright holders concerned. Where contact information is available, Basildon History Online would be happy to assist anyone requiring third party material.

(06)  Agreement;
Whilst visiting this website you agree to abide by the terms and conditions seen above and numbered 1 - 5, and if you are in any way in doubt regarding any of these terms and conditions you must leave this website.

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