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Former property names
Original No.6, Tyler Avenue, Laindon

The original No. 6 Tylers Avenue, Laindon.

Basildon: Former property names

In creating the New Town Basildon Development Corporation were faced with the task of redeveloping large areas of land. Some parts were sparsely developed, being mainly of an agricultural nature, and it was in those areas that some of the first new houses were constructed in the early 1950s.

The more populated Laindon, Pitsea and Vange and large parts of Langdon Hills were all destined to have new housing estates, and in their creation many thousands of existing properties were demolished.

The 'former property names' section of this website is an attempt to list as many of those properties that fell within the designated area that were demolished during the creation of the New Town. Other known properties built prior to 1949 and demolished after 1984, (the final year of the Development Corporation's house building programme), are also included as a record of their existence.

Note: In the property history field the acronym C.P.O. may appear. This stands for Compulsory Purchase Order as issued by Basildon Development Corporation.

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