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Commission for the New Towns - Rents to Mortgages c.1990

Basildon Development Corporation's successor the Commission for the New Towns (CNT) produced a small 4 page folded booklet for each of its tenants. It detailed brief guidelines as to how tenants could become homeowners through a Rents-to-Mortgages scheme that had recently been launched.

The text below is a transcript of the booklet as it originally appeared.

The Right Time To Buy Your Home...

Now is the time...

Mortgage interest rates are falling!

So now is the time to think about buying your home.

The Rents-to-Mortgages scheme is a recent alternative for CNT Basildon tenants who have the right to buy their home at

Rents-to-Morgages gives you the chance, to buy your home - keeping your mortgage repayments about the same as
your rent.

You pay no deposit.

Buying your home is a big decision.

To help answer the many questions you will have CNT has set up the Rents-to-Mortgages Counselling Centre at:

Fryerns Housing Office,
The Hatherley
Basildon SS14 2QJ

Telephone: Basildon 281***

Discussions are very informal and without any obligation whatsoever.

But our experts can help you understand the detail and how the scheme works for you.

Discounts for all

In the past few months we have talked to all age groups - from newly-weds to the mature or retired.

Some have been tenants for many years and qualify for 60% discount off the price of their home.

Find out more...

If you want to know more about owning your own home, just telephone Marion Thorpe on Basildon 281*** to arrange a chat.

Rents-to-Mortgages Counselling Centre
Fryerns Housing Office
The Hatherley
Basildon SS14 2QJ

Telephone No: Basildon 281***

Title: Commission For The New Towns - Rents To Mortgages

Author: Commission for the New Towns.

Comments: This scheme was introduced sometime around 1990 at a time when the Commission was making preparations for a tenants ballot to determine future ownership of its housing stock.

Page added: 02/12/2019

Other points of interest:

1) Please note: This information is now approximately 30 years old and no longer valid. The Commission for the New Towns (CNT) transferred their remaining housing stock in 1994 to Basildon District Council (now Basildon Borough Council) and Basildon Community Housing Association (now Swan Housing Association) who have their own procedure regarding the Right-to-Buy.

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