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Basildon Council Leaders and Deputy Leaders 1965-2017

In 1964 the then Labour controlled council led by Joe Morgan created the post of Leader of the Council and Joe Morgan became the first Leader.

In 1965 the ruling party (Labour) nominated, for the first time, a Leader and Deputy Leader.

This has continued to the present.

Basildon Urban District Council
Year Leader Deputy Leader
1964/65 Morgan J.E. (Joe) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
Year Leader Deputy Leader
1965/66 Morgan J.E. (Joe) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1966/67 Withrington H.C.T. (Harry) (Conservative)Lyon J.R. (James) (Conservative)
1967/68 Stockley A.V. (Anthony) (Conservative)Lyon J.R. (James) (Conservative)
1968/69 Stockley A.V. (Anthony) (Conservative)Lyon J.R. (James) (Conservative)
1969/70 Chapman T.D. (Terry) (Conservative)Allard G.P. (Geoffrey) (Conservative)
1970/71 Chapman T.D. (Terry) (Conservative) (to 12th October 1970 resigned)
Allard G.P (Geoffrey) (Conservative) (c.19-23 October 1970 to April 1971 resigned)
Allard G.P. (Geoffrey) (to July 1970 resigned)
Read E.R.W. (Edgar) (Conservative) (July to September 1970 resigned)
Ball C.T. (Tony) (Conservative) (from 21st September 1970)
1971/72 Archibald W. (Bill) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1972/73 Archibald W. (Bill) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1973/74 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
Basildon District Council
1974/75 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1975/76 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1976/77 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1977/78 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1978/79 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1979/80 Ball C.T. (Tony) (Conservative)Cole Mrs. P.J. (Phyllis) (Conservative)
1980/81 Ball C.T. (Tony) (Conservative)Cole Mrs. P.J. (Phyllis) (Conservative)
1981/82 Ball C.T. (Tony) (Conservative)Cole Mrs. P.J. (Phyllis) (Conservative)
1982/83 Tinworth H.W. (Harold) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1983/84 Tinworth H.W. (Harold) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1984/85 Tinworth H.W. (Harold) (Labour)Dove A.T. (Alf) (Labour)
1985/86 Tinworth H.W. (Harold) (Labour)Ballard P.E. (Peter) (Labour)
1986/87 Tinworth H.W. (Harold) (Labour)Ballard P.E. (Peter) (Labour)
1987/88 Archer A.R. (Tony) (from December 1987) 
1988/89 No Administration 
1989/90 Ballard P.E. (Peter) (Labour)Cowie R. (Robert) (Labour)
1990/91 Ballard P.E. (Peter) (Labour)Cowie R. (Robert) (Labour)
1991/92 Ballard P.E. (Peter) (Labour)Cowie R. (Robert) (Labour)
1992/93 Archer A.R. (Tony) (Conservative)Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)
1993/94 Archer A.R. (Tony) (Conservative)Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)
1994/95 York V.T. (Vic) (Conservative)Patrick P.L. (Peter) (Conservative)
1995/96 No Administration 
1996/97 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Carty J.T. (Jim) (Labour)
1997/98 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Carty J.T. (Jim) (Labour)
1998/99 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Rossati Ms L.G. (Loraine) (Labour)
1999/00 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Rossati Ms L.G. (Loraine) (Labour)
2000/01 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Borlase A.R.E. (Tony) (Labour)
2001/02 Potter J.R. (John) (Labour)Borlase A.R.E. (Tony) (Labour)
2002/03 Smith N.J. (Nigel) (Labour) (May to Oct.)
Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative) (from November 2002)
Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2003/04 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2004/05 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2005/06 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2006/07 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2007/08 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2008/09 Buckley M.R. (Malcolm) (Conservative)Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
2009/10 Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative) Horgan S.J. (Stephen) (Conservative)
2010/11 Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)
(Basildon Borough Council from 26/10/2010)
Horgan S.J. (Stephen) (Conservative)
Basildon Borough Council
2011/12 Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)Horgan S.J. (Stephen) (Conservative) (to February 28th 2012)
2012/13 Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)Turner P.C. (Phil) (Conservative)
2013/14 Ball A.J. (Tony) (Conservative)Turner P.C. (Phil) (Conservative)
2014/15 Turner P.C. (Phil) (Conservative)Blake K. (Kevin) (Conservative)
2015/16 Turner P.C. (Phil) (Conservative)Blake K. (Kevin) (Conservative)
2016/17 Turner P.C. (Phil) (Conservative) (26/05/2016-25/05/2017)Blake K. (Kevin) (Conservative)
Page added: 12/08/2012
Other points of interest:

1) In 2009 when conservative Tony Ball was elected leader it was the first, and so far only time that two members of the same family have held the post, his late father, also called Tony Ball, having been leader from 1979 to 1982.

2) The longest period of unbroken leadership of the council by any one party is the present one held by the conservatives which began when Malcolm Buckley became leader in November 2002, although the party, at the present time, does not have overall control of the council.

3) John Potter, Labour, held the post for the most years, 12 in total between 1973-1979 and 1996-2002.

4) Morgan, Joseph Edward (09/07/1927 - 23/03/2018). Chairman of Basildon Council 1971-1972.

Text researched and written by William Cox, 2012 with additions 2013-2015.
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