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Guestbook Posts: 2005

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Thursday December 29, 2005 15:10:12 pm Email
Name: Ivor Dallinger
Town/Country: Maldon, Essex
How I got here: Another Website Link
Comments: Nice to see that some of the history that I remember is being preserved. I used to live in Topsham Road with my parents and almost all my immediate family lived close by. I attended Dunton County Primary then Laindon High Road School. Best wishes to all old 'Laindonites'.
Friday December 16, 2005 13:02:33 pm Email
Name: Gary Kent
Town/Country: Herts. U.K
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: One or two mysteries I hope someone can help clear up.
I lived in Basildon in the early 70s and remember that in the woods in Laindon Hills there was a large domed building that had like a well in it. It seemed strange this was in the middle of nowhere. Does any body know if it belonged to a long demolished house? Also, does anybody know anything about the 2 sunken barges/boats in the small square pond in Gloucester Park and how old the pond is? I remember the large Gloucester park lake being dug and this pond was there a long time before this, but doesn't appear on any old maps.
Thursday December 8, 2005 11:56:15 am  
Name: Alan Green (again!)
Town/Country: Basildon, Essex
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Just one other note I'd like to add, if anyone still lives in Pitsea, if you get time take a quick look at the Post Box outside of Howards Park in Pitsea instead of the usual EIIR on it, it has GIVR on it, which means it must be pre-new town, as that mean that George IV was on the throne (someone correct me if I'm wrong!). I don't honestly believe anyone has noticed this before!
And yes Depeche Mode are a great band, as are their fellow Basildonians, Alison Moyet and Yazoo of whom Alison was a member. Her brother used to live opposite me in Pitsea!!!
Thursday December 8, 2005 11:50:41 am  
Name: Alan Green
Town/Country: Basildon, Essex
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I still live in Pitsea, and it has changed alot for the worse. What has happened to this lovely little town? When I see the old pictures of Pitsea they take me back to when I was a little lad! I can vaguely remember the old junk shop at the top of Rectory Road at the junction of Burnt Mills Road, and also when the Eversley estate was built. Visited Chalvedon School recently for the first time in 12 years and cannot believe how much it has changed. Does anyone remember Steggles in Rectory Road? and the old fruit and veg shop where the chippy is now? and the various names that where given to The Bull pub (The Bull, The Prohibition, Beano's, The Prohibition (again!) and now back to The Bull!) Why?!
And can anyone remember when before Pitsea library was built, there used to be a library truck that used to come and park in the market car park.
Well that's enough reminiscing for now, and keep up the good work on this fantastic site and lets hope we can add more memories of Basildon, before it gets changed beyond all recognition for good!
Friday December 2, 2005 05:54:48 am Email
Name: Mala Persaud
Town/Country: Toronto, Canada
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: December 1, 2005. David Gahan of Depeche mode is from Basildon and I just wanted to see where that was. They are the greatest band ever! I love them...Cheers!
Friday December 2, 2005 05:08:41 am Email
Name: Ken Page
Town/Country: Hastings VIC Australia
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Gday all you old plotlanders, I came back again this year 2005, dropped some old photos of self and house and family at visitor centre in 3rd Ave, brought two of my g/kids with me had a wander round, it seems to have shrunk in size since I was a kid. Like lots of you I have fond memories of the area as a kid, but it was tough on our parents with in our case no gas water etc, in the early 50s we dug a well in our backyard, and my dad Charlie Page, who was a postman in Basildon til 1969, put in a Rayburn cooker and plumbed in hot and cold running water, albeit low pressure, however the mud and the harsh winters finally drove us out in 1959 and we moved to Locarno in Berry Lane near what is now called Great Berry Farm Chase, the farm then was owned by Dan Markham and his brothers I think. Had a mini reunion with some old school friends, that was a big laugh, boy have we all changed in appearence!
Hooroo for now Ken Page
Wednesday November 23, 2005 21:07:24 pm Email
Name: brian baylis
Town/Country: wisbech, cambridgeshire
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: i have recently learnt that there was once a castle in the laindon/langdon hills area, called 'chataway castle' and would like to know if anybody else has ever heard of it, if so where it stood and when please?
Friday November 18, 2005 10:27:20 am Email
Name: Michael Marchant
Town/Country: Basildon, Essex
How I got here: Word Of Mouth
Comments: Hello, I would like to get in contact with anyone out there who went to school between 1945 to 1950 at Langdon Hills School. I would like to share old memories with you as I have loads of pictures on Laindon/Langdon Hills.
Saturday November 12, 2005 22:49:29 pm Email
Name: Dawn
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Hi All, I am researching my family history and i am trying to get an idea of my dads background as a child. My father John Hawkins was born in Pitsea in the year 1932 at a place called Blanche Villa, Crest Avenue, Pitsea. I am looking for photographs of this area around the time he was born. As a child he remembered visiting a farm often and milking cows there, owned by a Mr. Pinnock? Would anyone have any idea as to what the local school would have been called in this area around 1937 onward.
Can anyone help? It would be very much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Saturday November 5, 2005 22:09:08 pm Email
Name: brian baylis
Town/Country: wisbech
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: just looked in on new pictures and messages. great to see some more added to this lovely site.
Tuesday October 11, 2005 18:14:35 pm Email
Name: paul murphy
Town/Country: London
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Saw the pictures of Pitsea School. I must be in there somewhere as that was my year & I remember the girl at the end Sandra Harris. We won savers of the year I think 1965/66 for the Post Office Savings Stamps scheme they had then. I lived in Station Lane, then number 5 Rectory Road next to Wagers Dairies. There was a Police Station with a Sergeant Timbers in Rectory Road, A coal Merchants (Andersons?), there were shops opposite in the High Road and I remember one (a drapers) had an electric pulley system for taking the money to the till but these were pulled down in the very early '60s as was a 16th century Vicarage opposite Pitsea School to make way for a Flyover. The Century Cinema, (before it became a Bingo Hall) had lots of Elvis double bills and Tom Thumb with Wizard of Oz every School holiday, plus always tantalising posters of forthcoming Hammer 'X' films (no chance of seeing them though). A Mr Jones was the Headmaster of Pitsea School.
Anyone else remember those days?
Tuesday September 20, 2005 10:02:52 am Email
Name: Jeanette Petty
Town/Country: Basildon, Essex
How I got here: Other
Comments: Lived in Basildon since 1963, went to Woodlands Girls School, was Jeanette Wendon then, both my kids went to Woodlands. Anyone remember me? Would love to get in touch with old school mates. Basildon has changed beyond belief in some areas, some for better others for worse. I still live in Basildon but may move on to pastures new in about five years, it's getting too busy for me!!
Thursday September 15, 2005 14:32:14 pm Email
Name: Robina Norton (nee Lipscomb)
Town/Country: Chelmsford, England
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: My father built his own bungalow in 1940 when he and my mother married. He was actually putting the roof on with bombs dropping around him. Aparently one came down on the railway embankment. I came along in 1946 and lived there until I was 13 when the land was compulsorily purchased for £1,000. The bungalow was named "Endeavour" and it was in Bridge Avenue. We used to drive from A127 down by Wayletts Garage along the Dunton Road having gone just past the school, a gateway on the left which led to the Fur and Feather Club. There were also mobile homes on the site before we left. We used to go through this area along a cinder road (built by my father and some neighbours) to the railway bridge. Having gone over the bridge, we turned first right into Bridge Avenue. We were at the top end on the left. My grandparents lived next door at "Peacehaven".

I have so many memories I would love to share with anyone. Gas lights, wells, fruit trees, narrow paths and so much more.
We weren't weekenders, we actually lived there.
Thursday August 11, 2005 21:09:06 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Jacquelyn Killick
Town/Country: Basildon
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Great site for History lovers. I am tracing my own family history for the Kent/Surrey area, I moved to Basildon in 1964. Sites like this are worth their weight in gold. I have some great views of Basildon on my personal site, you might like to go visit.
Keep up the great work and keep this site alive!! I will return regularly now I know you are here. Thanx.
Sunday August 7, 2005 07:38:27 am Email
Name: richard price
Town/Country: new zealand
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: my name is rick price i grew up in laindon and basildon went to janet duke and st nicholas left to live in new zealand in 1972. i lived at 12 falstones have just discovered this site brings back many memories of playing soccer and fishing at gloucester park. i came back last year and was blown away bye so many changes.
Monday July 25, 2005 22:52:45 pm Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Wisbech (still)
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: As a now regular visitor, I love to see new photo's added as well as visitors signing the guestbook. Always telling others of the site and its content. If you have any Bix can use, then let others see them as well. After all, the more the merrier and better the site can get.
Thursday July 21, 2005 01:01:25 am Email
Name: Sean Ayres
Town/Country: Basildon
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Damn! Im only 16 at the moment, and i left basildon in 1999. Still fascinated with the town cos i got so many memories there, im going back there to live in 2 years. Glad u got this site cos basildon reputation aint exactly good, but this site prooves em wrong. Much love to all ma bois still out in laindon and the good old aerial estates, live up soldjas!
Wednesday July 13, 2005 07:42:52 am Email
Name: gary stratton
Town/Country: basildon
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: A very good website, plenty to read, i enjoy local history and this has plenty of information.
Wednesday July 6, 2005 13:23:14 pm Email
Name: Ken Page
Town/Country: Hastings Vic Australia
How I got here: Other
Comments: I lived on the Berry Park estate from 1944 to 1958 went to Laindon Hills primary school and the the High Road SEc school til 59, in 1964 left for Australia have been back to Laindon in 2000 will be back again in October this year this time with a couple of my grandkids to show where their old g/dad came from.

Good luck to anyone that remembers me.
Monday May 9, 2005 10:31:11 am Email
Name: Lee Barnard
Town/Country: Sydney Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Great memories from Basildon.
Monday March 28, 2005 08:05:37 am Email
Name: John Owens
Town/Country: Adelaide, South Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Wow! What a memory jogger!!
I love the website.
I was 10 years old when I left your lovely town for Aussie land in the early 70's. I left a lot of mates behind
I wonder if anybody remembers me?
Sunday March 27, 2005 17:12:27 pm Email
Name: Isabel Smith [Nee Beaney]
Town/Country: South Africa
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Signed in on this guest book earlier 6/3/05 but didn't put in my unmarried name. Anyone from Laindon High Rd School i.e. 4x or 5x in 1956/7 still around?
Thursday March 10, 2005 11:46:34 am  
Name: Helen Scott
Town/Country: Essex
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Thanx people you helped alot with my coursework! I'll post again when I have my A*!!!
Helen Scott, 15, Woodlands School
Sunday March 6, 2005 00:51:35 am Email
Name: Isabel Smith
Town/Country: South Africa
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Fascinating information having lived in Laindon and Billericay during the war up until the late 50's.
Thank you.
Saturday February 12, 2005 22:54:21 pm  
Name: geoff herbert
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I grew up in pitsea from 1950-1970, fascinating to look back.
Wednesday February 2, 2005 23:36:17 pm Email
Name: Mrs. Valerie Kingsley (nee Boatwright)
Town/Country: Essex
How I got here: Through A Friend
Comments: Born and brought up in Laindon with many happy childhood memories. It is such a pity that Laindon and its busy shopping centre of the 1950-1960's have been lost. What a joy to see these old photo's of Laindon Park Primary School and, the now closed Laindon High Road. The old picture house and the now recently demolished Fortune of War. Not forgetting the Laindon Pub that was so cruely burnt down. I belong to St. Nicholas Church and would like to think that this monument might last into the next century.
Wednesday January 26, 2005 11:51:54 am  
Name: Cathryn Pallet nee Spooner
Town/Country: Pitsea
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I love the pics of the old shop on the corner of rectory road - the couple that ran it were odd - she was lovely - he was a g** - at least I thought so!!
Great site, nice to see something GOOD about us Essex people for a change, it's about time we stood up for the nice bits!!!
Tuesday January 11, 2005 14:26:19 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Tony Weston
Town/Country: Basildon
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Lived in Basildon for 50 years (so far), some people think it is a rough town, but when you have grown up there, it is the same as all towns. The rough necks get older and turn out to be real pleasent people.
Did you know that Timberlog Lane and Luncies road date back to 1625. 2 of the oldest roads in Basildon.
Great place to live. Ta Ra!
Sunday January 9, 2005 22:06:25 pm My Website Link
Name: Dave Guy
Town/Country: Essex
How I got here: Via An E-Mail
Comments: Great site i hope the link helps! Dave Guy (Webmaster)

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