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Guestbook Posts: 2007

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Monday December 31, 2007 20:44:59 pm Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: I have enjoyed all the postings here this year, so can we have more next year?

Happy New year to All Basildon area people.
Friday December 21, 2007 05:36:51 am Email
Name: mike fruin
Town/Country: Tasmania, Australia
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Re the Dagenham train crash. I was a 17 year old on a Shell tanker in the south of France wwhen it happened. Shell flew me home to my father and two younger sisters living in Danbury Down. I picked up a discarded newspaper at London airport which outlined the crash - I still have that paper. The coroner found that all the deaths were accidental and there was no compensation paid out by British Rail.
So much for the love of a mother and wife!
I left the sea and worked at the Shellhaven refinery, cycling from Basildon to Shellhaven on shift work. I cerainly don't miss the fog, snow and rain!
Mike Fruin
Tuesday December 18, 2007 14:02:44 pm Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Compliments of the Festive Season to all visitors on here and I sincerely hope many more of you will post on here in 2008, so as to keep this site going strong.

Re the Dagenham East rail crash, I have no wish to be morbid, but my next door neighbour was in one of the trains and survived. I have a book with 3 photo's taken at the scene, plus there is a diagram of the site of it. I wonder how many of you can remember exactly where you were when the news broke of it? I know where I was.
Wednesday December 12, 2007 09:03:50 am Email
Name: mike fruin
Town/Country: tasmania, australia
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Ray, the Dagenham train crash happened on 30 January 1958 not '57. 50years next month.
There were 10 killed, a number of them from Basildon and Laindon. My mum was one of them.
The engine that caused the damage is now in a museum at the Severn Valley Railway in Bewdley, Worcs.
Season's greetings
Monday December 10, 2007 17:33:39 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Ray Stroud
Town/Country: Malvern, Worcs. UK
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: My family used to live in Topsham Road, Laindon. My parents in Ferndown, my uncle and aunt in Stella Maris and my Nan in Kilbowie. I have photos if any one is interested. My nan's husband, Harold Mears was killed in the '57 Dagenham rail crash.

Editor: The website link with this entry no longer resolves.
Friday November 16, 2007 15:28:14 pm
Town/Country: BASILDON
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Wednesday October 31, 2007 01:09:20 am My Website Link Email
Name: David
Town/Country: Sidcup, Kent
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: My grandparents, Charles and Mollie Leatherland, lived at the Old Rectory in Dunton from the mid 1930s to 1950. I believe that the Old Rectory is now a hotel. My grandparents are no longer alive, but I think they may have been quite well known in Dunton at the time (my grandfather was a local councillor and News Editor of the old Daily Herald newspaper). I don't know the area but the website is most interesting. If anyone has any recollections of the Old Rectory at that time, or even my grandparents, I'd be most interested. Also, somewhere I have an old exercise book which gives lots of information about the Parish Invasion Committe during the second world war, my gradnfather was involved in this, which may be of interest to anyone who had relatives living in Dunton during the 1940s.
Sunday October 28, 2007 17:17:34 pm Email
Name: Peter John Martin
Town/Country: Ilford
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Found these wonderful old pics of Langdon Hills and Laindon bring back so many happy happy memories lived in Berry Lane from 1952 till 1978 Cristened in St Mary on crown hill my grandfather built many houses in the high road, and in Berry Lane he built holiday homes in the mid 40's one of which is still standing and occupied. Does anyone have a front view of the parade of shops in the high road (between Emanuel & Vowler roads) called Nightingale Parade,Mr Lucus,Mr & Mrs Foy, Mr & Mrs Ebdon, Alice Joel etc.
Saturday October 13, 2007 00:25:36 am Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Carry on Peggy, you WON'T bore me. I Love to hear/read of others memories of the area. In fact, the more the Merrier for me.
Wednesday October 10, 2007 12:30:46 pm Email
Name: Peggy Whitehead (nee Crowley)
Town/Country: Thorpe le Soken
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I have just discovered this website. I was born in 1949 and lived in Pitsea until I married. I grew up in Rectory Hill Road ( just off Rectory Road) and my parents were here until they were compulsorily purchad by the Basildon Development Corporation in 1970. It was a lovely place to grow up in, I know progress is necessary and housing was needed but the people who were already here definitely lost out! However, an interesting site and good to read other people's memories.
Of the shops that were in the area I remember Frank King the butcher, Mence Smith the hardware store on the Broadway, H J Cook (my mother worked for Miss Cook), Howards Dairies, Mrs Pembroke who sold sweets on the corner of Rectory Road (the building is still there). I also remember a lady referred to by my mother as 'Dolly in the paper shop'. There was Rowlinsons, Greens Stores, The Wool Shop, Mabs, Norton's (furniture), I could go on but I'm in danger of getting boring.
Really good to read other peoples memories, so keep writing!
Friday September 28, 2007 12:28:38 pm Email
Name: louise burgess
Town/Country: vange
How I got here: Through A Friend
Comments: I need some help? I need to find the web site for vange housing if you can help i would be most geatfull can you send me an email if you can help me.
louise burgess
Wednesday September 26, 2007 13:31:05 pm Email
Name: ray levine
Town/Country: benfleet
How I got here: Through A Friend
Comments: What a lovely old photo of me in the tonibell ice cream set.This must have been taken in the late 70s on my saturday pitch at pitsea.I used to be the tonibell man for pitsea from 1963 to 1992.I also used to be outside chalvedon school at lunchtimes and at home time.Lovely site.
Monday August 13, 2007 17:46:46 pm Email
Name: Ron Vandenburgh
Town/Country: Vange
How I got here: Through A Friend
Comments: First time surfer,very good site,didn't know about it before. Have lived in Pitsea and Vange for over 50 years,used to work for the old LTSR line.
Nyone recgognise the name, feeeel free to email.
Monday July 30, 2007 22:34:07 pm Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Great to see more postings on here. Spoke to ex-bus conductor from Basildon depot now living near me and told him of site.
Saturday July 21, 2007 01:47:26 am Email
Name: Rick Brittain
Town/Country: Cairns, Qld. OZ
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: My family lived at 55 Theydon Crescent, Basildon until 10/8/1959, when we emigrated to OZ, and set up camp here. My memories (I only turned 7 on the day we left England) mainly involve the huge paddock/pond out the back yard, complete with swans, a huge orchard down the road, at the end of the cycle path where we could nick all the green apples we could eat,and plenty of dangerous places for kids to get into mischief. I've seen some of the pics on here, showing "modern" Basildon, and I must's a bit of a worry.
I'm coming back there in January 2008, and I want everything put back the way it was in 1959 so it won't confuse me. Not a big ask, and it would make it easier for me to have a squizz at the old haunts....o.k.?

Nice site too, by the way. Keep it up.
Friday July 13, 2007 09:08:37 am Email
Name: Fred
Town/Country: Chelmsford
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Looking for some information on Laindon, even though I lived there from 1942 until 1984, I just needed a bit extra and found this web site and found it very interesting especially as I recognosed a few names on there.

will certainly look again.
Saturday July 7, 2007 23:21:01 pm Email
Name: simon
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: lived in bas all my 36 years and loved this site
Tuesday July 3, 2007 16:36:52 pm Email
Name: michael murray
Town/Country: basildon
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: time stands still nor for me or development
Monday July 2, 2007 13:01:46 pm Email
Name: Stanley Dudley
Town/Country: England
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I have lived in Basildon since 1960 when I moved into a house in Claydon crescent after obtaining employment at Marconi.since then I have lived in Long Riding and now in Whitmore Way. I think Basildon is a great place to live especially as I now enjoy retirement. Now having found this website I will visit on a regular basis.
Thursday June 28, 2007 08:45:58 am Email
Name: Phil McNamara
Town/Country: Suffolk(!)
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I stumbled upon this site's fantastic.....almost brings a tear to my eye.......

I was born in Emmanuael road in 1981, then moved to Shakespeare av. then Mildmayes then around 1986/87 moved to suffolk after parents divorced.........My Mums name is /was Marina McNamara, Dad's name Collin McNamara, and two sister Claire & Joanne.....My GRand parents were Alan and June Collins....they lived in Tyler av(14) of the last bungalows standing but not there now has four houses there instead.......if anyone remebers any of these names then get in touch,,,,thanks
p.s anyone know where i might find photos of the constrution of Mildmayes, stebbings etc...
Thursday June 28, 2007 07:06:02 am Email
Name: Caroline Harrison
Town/Country: Perth, Western Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I lived in Basildon as a child up until 1986 when my family moved to Western Australia. I lived on Tavistock Rd in Laindon, and I have great memories of playing up at St Nicholas church with my brother and sister, and the Fortune of War roundabout. It would be great to see some more pictures of the Basildon shopping centre, and clock. Is the statue that used to be there still around? Thanks again for a great web site. Its a shame I can't get hold of any historical books on Basildon, as most seem to be out of print, so its great to know I can come and enjoy your web site. More pictures please...!!
Tuesday May 29, 2007 13:12:46 pm
Name: Jo Brooks
Town/Country: Melbourne, Australia
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Hi all, just thought I'd say great website, I love having a peek regulary. Would love to see some photos of Nevendon primary school, not the old one, the one that closed in 1983, I attended that small school and it was lovely. I also went to Fryerns, which sadly has closed too....left basildon in 1986 and have some fond memories of it all.
Have a great day!
Friday May 11, 2007 16:26:59 pm Email
Name: Jennifer Kicks
Town/Country: nottingham
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I moved to Rising Grove in 1966 when the estate was still being built. It had under floor heating and electric wall fires. Spurriers was already built. The deck houses were still being built, so was Northey and Danacre. It was very muddy for over a year. The main shops were situated on the high road Laindon. Or you could go to the shops in the Basildon town centre. Laindon shopping centre was built about four years later. A pub called the Joker was part of that build. It was all new for me and my family. At the time I had one daughter, another daughter came along in 1967 then a son in 1969. Because of the problems with the estate we were moved to Rowenhall off Durham Road, which were better housing. Now I live in the midlands, however I do still visit my daughters who are still in the Basildon area.
This is a brilliant site keeping people informed.
Sunday April 29, 2007 18:53:42 pm Email
Name: Brian Cosens
Town/Country: Basildon England
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Thanks for all the hardwork gone into this site. It is nice to see people care about the History of Basildon.
Monday April 16, 2007 05:18:33 am Email
Name: Mike Fruin
Town/Country: Launceston Tasmania
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Re: Staceys Corner.
When I moved to Basildon in 1955, there were two shops owned by Stacey brothers - one was the newsagent and the other was the hardware shop. I worked for them both while I was at school - a paper round, and in the hardware shop on Saturdays and school holidays. Are the shops. There was a music shop on the corner where I ordered Elvis Presley's first LP!
Sunday April 8, 2007 21:15:58 pm Email
Name: Eileen Dean
Town/Country: pitsea
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I came to live in Pitsea in 1976,after meeting and marrying a local boy.Ray was born in 1946 in Glenhurst Ave,which was roughly opposite the Rectory Road post office,long gone,we only live a few yards away ,so he hasn,t travelled very far.His mother used to live up on Pitsea Mount where there was a few bungalows,that was back in 1914,some of her family are buried in St Michaels church grounds,such a shame the state its in now.Her maiden name was Stacey,and I believe,(or so she used to tell me) that Stacey,s corner in Timberlog Lane was so called after a great uncle of hers that had a little bungalow from which he used to sell provisions.I came from Dagenham,but I love Pitsea and wouldn,t leave it now even if I won a million pound !!!!This is a great site,only wished I had some old photos to show,but not many people could afford a camera in days gone bye,keep up the good work.Eileen
Thursday March 15, 2007 16:05:28 pm Email
Name: Steve Jordan
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: What a great website.
I left Basildon thirty five years ago, still remember my primary school days at Janet Duke school. I was actually there on the day Miss Duke retired and Markham Chase was renamed in her honour.
Thursday February 8, 2007 11:39:46 pm Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Cambridgeshire
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Thank You for some more pictures of the OLD Laindon station. So lovely to see them. MORE please?
Monday January 29, 2007 21:57:29 pm Email
Name: william smith
Town/Country: Aberbargoed
How I got here: Another Website Link
Comments: As a Welsh man, I was born in Wales but my roots lie firmly in the area around Basildon. My brother was born in Chelmsford in 1951. It made sense to me that if he was there in 1951 then so was I. A quick look at his birth certificate shows that we lived at No 3 Osborne Road, Pitsea for some time, along with my grandmother, Mrs Agnes Smith and the larger part of her family, including John,(my father),Albert,Frank,Derek,David,June and Joan. I later went to live in Lichfield.
My mother and father had parted in the mid fifties. He went to live in Birmingham and we returned to Wales, but returned to Laindon for six months in April 1959. I must have loads of relatives in the area but have never met any of them. Perhaps you know some of them. If so please make contact. call gw0giq on skype.
Albert and Frank are pictured at the Arrow garage in Laindon 1959. Check the web site for the pictures.

Good luck Basildon.
Sunday January 28, 2007 21:34:58 pm Email
Name: Maureen Baxter (nee Ridley)
Town/Country: Wolverhampton
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Great site, very informative. I was born in 1948 in my grandparents (Nicholls) house in Lillie Avenue, Pitsea (grandad built their house over a period of years in the late 1920s, early 30s, travelling down from London at weekends). Moved to the prefabs in Kenneth Road when I was still a baby but spent much of the time back in Lillie Avenue - does anyone remember the magical Willow Pond? Spent many hours fishing for sticklebacks and newts and carrying them home in a jam jar with a string handle. I remember grandad carrying me home on his shoulders in the dark along the concrete path along the side of the unmade road, the lovely smell of honeysuckle from the hedgerows and the twinkling lights of glow-worms in the grass. I remember the sweet taste of the well water and spending hours making daisy-chains. In Kenneth Road my brother Michael and I were best friends with Donald Lowe next-door. I think we spent a lot of time digging a hole in the back garden with the intention of getting through to Australia! Also remember Nurse Holland lived nearby, she was the midwife who delivered me, and who was still nursing when I had my first baby in 1969. She was going to deliver my baby too but unfortunately I missed out on having her care when I ended up at Billericay hospital. Moved from Pitsea to Corringham when I was six but travelled to Basildon when I started at senior school at Fryerns Grammar & Tech. where I met hubby who came from Glenmere Avenue, Vange. We were married at All Saint's Vange and moved to Balfour Way Pitsea in 1968 until 1979.
Tuesday January 16, 2007 09:44:30 pm Email
Name: Richard Pulham
Town/Country: Perth Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: As a child, I lived in Langdon Hills and attended Lincewood Junior School. In 1974 my family emigrated to Australia. We lived at a house called Bella Vista on Shakespeare Avenue. Just starting to get into re-discovering my origins when I came across this site.
Monday January 8, 2007 16:12:56 pm Email
Name: Carol Dadson
Town/Country: Bexhill on Sea
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I lived in the area until I married in 1967 and it was fantastic to see all the details, on the site, of the old place.
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