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Pitsea: The Market Domes

Pitsea Market Pitsea Market  
Location: Pitsea Market
Year of photo: c.March 1969
Copyright: N/A
Comments: One of the first photos of the new market.
Location: Pitsea Market
Year of photo: c.June 1969
Copyright: N/A
Comments: Early shot of the market following the decision to allow traditional outside stalls.

Pitsea Market - A brief history

The first Pitsea Market was established on a site on the west side of Station Lane. Local history books have documented its opening year as being 1925 but a story from the Essex Chronicle newspaper from April 1924 gives mention to an under cover market at Station Lane. The same newspaper has an advertisement from 2nd January 1925 where the market is mentioned so its quite likely the market was in operation from 1924.

The market survived at this site until 1969 by which time it had grown to 200 stalls. A typical hire charge in the late 1960s was 10/- (50p) a stall per day.

By the late 1960s two Basildon Development Corporation road projects; the long awaited A13 Vange and Pitsea by-pass and the continuation of East Mayne (as South Mayne), were well under way. The plans for the new roads involved the creation of two flyovers, a roundabout and a new link road. In the plans the South Mayne flyover would cross the market site so the market was moved to a temporary site on the former Howard's field on the south side of the High Road.

The market opened at its new site on 19th February, 1969. Here at the new site the market was housed in four 30ft high domes marked A to D. Each dome had an 80ft diameter and collectively were capable of accommodating 172 stalls. Dome A was permanently covered and mainly for use by food sellers. It also contained a canteen. A large 300 space car park was also provided. The domes were manufactured in Sweden and Abstracta Construction Ltd., part of the North-Eastern Timber Group, were responsible for their on-site construction.

The Wednesday and Saturday market was initially held solely within the domes until permission was given to allow traditional outdoor stalls to be used as well.

By the mid 1970s the corporation's regeneration of Pitsea had begun and this involved the market vacating its temporary site on the former Howard's field to a new site behind the Railway Hotel public house and Broadway North. In January 1978 the market opened at the new site and three of the four domes were taken down. The fourth, Dome A, remained for a time before that too was eventually taken down. The site is now a retail park and and commonly referred to as the 'old market site'.

Text researched and written by William Cox, 2013.
Copyright © 2013, B. Cox - Basildon History Online. All rights reserved.
Dome A Dome B
Name Business Name Business
P. FishmanFabrics, Wool, Cotton, Remnants J. JimmickRemnants and Materials
ReneeStockings, Tights F.B. LaneFancy Goods, Paperware, Keys Cut
J. MayerDress Materials, Linings, Piecegoods W.J. Manley and Co. Ltd.Housecoats, Overalls, Stockings, Materials
S. DavisMaterials F.W. KerryConfectionery
Mr. and Mrs. MooreLadies' and Gentlemen's Wear Swimwear S. Van ProaghCoats and Dresses
S. CohenBridal and Evening Wear FeldmanRemnants
Mrs. P.L. ColebyChildren's Wear, Tights and Socks S. CohenTextiles, Trimmings
Barry's Grocery StoreGroceries R. KindlerToys, Novelties and Fancy Goods
A.D. MackenzieGreengrocery, Fresh Fruit Mary & Harry IkinToiletries, Household Goods
J.S. BrownButchery A. GlenMen's and Boys' Clothing
Arthur Sharp and SonsFish Mrs. J. RushNew and Second Hand Clothing
A.J. KimberCafé, Snacks "The cup that cheers" A. KrismanCoats and Dresses
Dome C Dome D
Name Business Name Business
P. EverettFur Fabrics, Covers S. MakloafCarpets, Rugs, Pictures
RondeauThe Sixpenny Wool Lady Mrs. M. Braham Millies of BasildonLadies' Wear
"Joyce Jevels"All kinds of Jewellery (Also at Basildon) Mrs. J.M. JoyceChildren's Wear, Fabrics
M. ManheimWoollens and Linings H.R. PrestedPet Foods, Bird Seed
R.J. OakesHaberdashery, Drapery, Zips, Lace Buttons, etc. MaxLadies' & Gentlemen's Wear, Nylon Shirts
P.F. LarmanElectrical, Hardware Tools, Fancy Goods H. LucasMen's Wear, Leathercloth, Bags Repairs
R. StathamFresh Fruit & Salads C.L. BugbeeChildren's Clothing, Coats, Dresses, Capes, Trouser Suits
M.C. CohenGroceries, Provisions, Canned Goods C. StampChina, Glass, Toys, Hardwear and Linen
Alf Cohen and Sons
Forecourt Stall
Miscellaneous Sales Bargains for all! Mrs. G. HardyElectrical Goods, Lampshades (Table and Standards Lamps)
W. WisemanLadies' & Gentlemen's Wear H. TidswellGentlemen's Wear, Fur Fabric
M. HickmanFloorcoverings and Cloth  
"Monty"Dresses and Coats
SchoabLadies' & Gentlemen's Knitwear, Underwear
S. GreenbaumTalza Millinery
A.J. BaconHousehold Goods
* R. Statham greengrocers shop was at Bull Parade, 457 Clay Hill Road, Vange.
* Millie's ladies' fashionwear shop was at 6 South Walk, Basildon from 1965.
* Howard's field. Prior to its use as the new market site, the former field had been in the ownership of local businessman Harold Howard.
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