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Rectory Road, Pitsea, Shops, Houses, Businesses & Public Buildings

Shops, Businesses, Housing and Public Buildings

1) 1890s-2000s - West Side - Odd Numbers

Shops, Businesses, Housing and Public Buildings

2) 1890s-2000s - East Side - Even Numbers

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Rectory Road, which for much of its existence, linked the High Road with Burnt Mills Road and was an important secondary road so much so that it even formed part of the B1011 Pitsea to Wickford route.

Many businesses were established here, some of which survived the early years in the development of Basildon New Town.

The development corporation in seeking to create a new town designed housing estates with small neighbourhood centres which provided shops and other social amenities to replace the traditional High Street. In these plans Rectory Road was changed, in many places, beyond all recognition so much so that it is no longer possible to even traverse its original course in a motor vehicle.

Much of the West side between Wickford Avenue and Ashlyns was replaced in the 1960s with the Crudens housing estate and the completion of phase 3 of the Chalvedon 3 estate in the late 1970s. One business spared was a petrol station which survived to the 1980s before eventual closure. Another change occurred in 2013 when the Royal British Legion's Pitsea and Vange branch closed its social club due to falling membership. The future of this building looked uncertain and remained unoccupied until around 2016 when a Pitsea branch of Co-op Funeralcare service opened.

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