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Laindon Postcards

Padgett's collection of black and white postcard views of Laindon totals well over 50 with the bulk of the collection appearing in two numbering sequences beginning 23xx and 31xx.

Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
Laindon Church, Essex2346B/WPadgettc.1915Church Hill view, similar to 2357.Some examples no publisher credit.
St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2351B/WPadgettc.1915Front view St. Nicholas Church.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. -- Copyright
St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2354B/WPadgettc.1915Interior St. Nicholas Church.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. -- Copyright
The Hall, Laindon2356B/WPadgett Laindon Hall with Laindon Council school in the background. 
Laindon, Essex2357B/WPadgettc.1915Church Hill, Laindon Hall and farm buildings.Padgett's Haven Series, Leigh-on-Sea.
St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2358B/WPadgettc.1915Interior, St. Nicholas Church.No publisher credit.
View from the St. Nicholas Churchyard, Laindon2359B/WPadgett South facing view from the front side of the church with headstones. 
St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2361B/WPadgettc.1915Distant view of the church.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. Also available as sepia tone, title to front top left corner and poor attempt to erase bottom right hand corner card number.
View across country from St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2362B/WPadgettc.1915Wide view of Laindon Hall and Laindon Council School in background.Some examples no publisher credit.
See Langdon Hills2363B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2364B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2365B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2366B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2367B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2368B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2369B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2370B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2371B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2372B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2373B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2374B/WPadgett   
See Langdon Hills2375B/WPadgett   
Laindon, Essex2378B/WPadgett High Road bend. A.A. Kimm Fancy Stores. 
See Langdon Hills2379B/WPadgett   
Laindon Railway Station2380B/WPadgettc.1920sStation view looking south. J.H. Parkinson Builders Merchant sign on wooden shed. Horse and cart in Station Approach. Nore View, a large residence later gutted by fire, can be seen in the distance.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. -- Copyright
See Langdon Hills2382B/WPadgett   
Laindon2384B/WPadgett View towards station with shops on left side only. 
See Langdon Hills2385 - 2399B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
St. Nicholas Church, Laindon2553B/WPadgettc.1915St. Nicholas Church, good view of Priest's House.Portrait view. Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. -- Copyright
Laindon Village3122B/WPadgettc.1920sNorth end of High Road, pathway to east side only.1922 example known to exist.
 3123B/WPadgettc.1920s No publisher credit.
Laindon3124B/WPadgettc.1920sNorth end of High Road, no pathway.No publisher credit.
The Fortune of War Hotel, Laindon3126B/WPadgettc.1915Wash Road view of the first Fortune of War Inn.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. -- Copyright
High Road, Laindon3129B/WPadgettc.1930sHigh Road looking north with Laindon Service Station (J. Toomey) and shop parade beyond Aston road.Possible numbering error see entry below.
High Road, Laindon3129B/WPadgettc.1930sHigh Road shop view looking north. Various shops and Laindon Hotel can be seen.Possible numbering error see above entry.
High Road, Laindon3130B/WPadgettc.1920sEast side shops, Laindon Hotel in distance.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea.
High Road, Laindon3131B/WPadgett North Parade shops inc. No.1 Builders Merchants. 
High Road, Laindon3132B/WPadgett Nicholas Lane junction, Hiawatha and North Parade shops. 
Laindon VillageunnumberedB/WPadgettc.1915Properties and white fence along High Road between the Fortune-of-War and Noak Hill Road, Laindon.Printed postcard. Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea.
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