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Laindon Postcards - including Lee Chapel
Postcards produced by an unknown publisher

Among the postcards produced featuring Laindon and Lee Chapel backgrounds there are many that have no detail as to the publisher's identity. Indeed, postcards exist where the front view is without a caption which can make identifying the location difficult. It is possible that some were produced locally and would have been produced in limited numbers which adds to their scarcity today.

Below are some of the known cards.

Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
High Road, Laindon(1)B/W c.1915High Road shops inc. C. Cyster (Estate Agent) hut, J.W. Lagden, Family Butcher. 
Corner of St. Nicholas Lane & Main Rd. Laindon11B/W c.1910Three women crossing St. Nicholas Lane in view dominated by Hiawatha. 
Laindon Picture Theatre2006B/W c.1930sAngled front view of the Picture Theatre. One of the films showing is The Enchanted Island. 
Auld Reekie
 B/W c.1920sFamily standing behind the gatepost of Auld Reekie, a bungalow in Victoria Road, Laindon.Carte Postale.
 B/W c.1920sFront facing view of a property called Ingleside which may have stood in either Vowler Road or Basildon Road and since demolished.Laindon Essex postmarked 1928 example exists.
Lee Chapel
Buena Vista
 B/W 1924Family standing in front of a property called Buena Vista which has been identified as being in Elizabeth Drive, Lee Chapel. This was demolished either during the 1950s or early 1960s in the creation of the Lee Chapel North housing area.T.I.C. initials appear in the area allocated for the postage stamp.
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