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Unknown publisher.

Other publishers offering postcard views of Nevendon can be found on this page as well as various postcards with no attributed publisher.

Nevendon postcards.
Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
Timberlog Lane, Nevendon18B/W c.1920sTimberlog Lane, white fencing either side of track.Real Photo Post Card.
NevendonNo.3B/W c.1920sNevendon Road, partial view of Bromfords Farm. 
11569 Series
Bromfords Farm, Nevendon11569B/W c.1930sAngled view of the farm.* Also available in an envelope entitled 'six semi-glossy view postcards of Nevendon'. Numbered on the top right rear corner.
Post Office, Nevendon11569B/W c.1930sThe post office shop and tea room in Nevendon Road.See entry marked *.
Tye Corner, Nevendon11569B/W c.1930sThe Cranfield Park Road junction with Nevendon Road and signpost. B1011 Wickford and Chelmsford can be made out on one arm of the signpost.See entry marked *.
Stores, Nevendon Road11569B/W c.1930sBaker & Son General Stores in Nevendon Road.See entry marked *.
Nevendon Road, Nevendon11569B/W c.1930sNevendon Road junction with Borwick Lane.See entry marked *.
Nevendon Road, Nevendon11569B/W c.1930sNevendon Road approaching right turn towards Nevendon Hall.See entry marked *.
Unknown Publisher
Untitled B/W c.1900sSt. Peter's Church before the Lych Gate was added.View covers ¾ of the front face of postcard, white space to right side. No publisher credit.
Untitled B/W c.1900sRear of St. Peter's Church low wall with style.Standard size card with centered viewing area of 77 x 51mm. Carte Postale. LTD initials can be made out in the 'Stamp Here' space. Other examples from this unknown publisher are St. Mary & All Saints Church in Langdon Hills and All Saints Church, Vange.
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