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Memories of Vange, London Road and Pitsea Market
by Sylvia

     I used to live with my grandmother in Whytewater Avenue, Vange. A bungalow in an unmade road, which started at the top of London Road and continued straight down to the railway line. We used to cross this railway line and walk over to the creek in the 1950's.

     At the junction of Whytewater Avenue and London Road, there was a shoe shop immediately on the corner, I cannot remember what it was called.

     When my grandmother and I walked to Pitsea, particularly on market days, we would pass the Vange Working Mens Club and then walk beneath the railway bridge, then I recall there being nicely trimmed hedges, shaped into a ball all the way right into Pitsea.

     In those days, the market was tucked around the corner, behind the shops on the right hand side, in what appeared to me as a child - like an undercover dome shaped roughcast building.

     I wonder if anyone has ever taken any photo's of those neat hedge rows and the original market?

Title: Memories of Vange, London Road and Pitsea Market by Sylvia.

Copyright: © Sylvia, April 2006.

Comments: This account was supplied by Sylvia for use on the Basildon History website.

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