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Street Names
Former Basildon Street Names

1) Dunton, Laindon and Langdon Hills  A to M    N to Y

2) Lee Chapel, Barstable and Basildon  A to M    N to Y

3) Pitsea, Nevendon and Vange  A to M    N to Y

In 1949 when Basildon was designated a new town, the Government appointed a development corporation which was then given the task of building the town and its road network.

In February 1951, two years after its formation, Basildon Development Corporation produced a 'Master Plan' covering the designated area which received government approval later the same year.

The following years saw much change to the landscape of the area and in particular the majority of populated regions, which were gradually cleared and redeveloped as modern housing estates.

During this redevelopment many street names were lost or not used in subsequent naming and have long since disappeared from the map, replaced by new names - although some names were retained (e.g. Dry Street and Church Road) and can still be seen today.

In the 1990s Basildon has seen new development take place and some of these former names have reappeared, though sometimes in new locations and with slight changes to the original suffixes.

As well as former names reappearing, names introduced during the original development programme have since been replaced with new names. This was seen most notably in Laindon where the former Bluehouse housing estate was demolished to make way for new housing and in Pitsea where the Crudens estate was given a facelift along with new street names.
The links at the top of the page lists some of these former names and the area to which they relate.

Also included are street names introduced post 1949 that have since disappeared (e.g. Spurriers in Laindon), or changed (e.g. Curzon Walk in Pitsea) and any that were amended (e.g. Gardiners Lane).

Note: Local maps may still list names in undeveloped or woodland areas years after the last residential properties were demolished.

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