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Basildon Development Corporation - 1958 Conditions of Tenancy

TENANTS are particularly requested to read and shall be deemed to have read these conditions of tenancy.

1. The tenancy shall be a weekly one ending at 12 o'clock noon on any Monday, and subject to Clause 7, determinable by one week's notice in writing by either the Corporation or the tenant, such notice to be given by or to the Chief Estate's Officer (through the Housing Officer) before 12 o'clock noon on any Monday.

2. The rents are due and payable in advance on Monday in each week, the first week's rent being payable before taking possession. The tenant shall pay in addition weekly with the rent the proportion of the general and water rates levied in respect of the premises. Receipts for rent will only be recognised when they are given on the rent card provided. The tenant must produce the rent card whenever required so to do.

3. A deposit of 10s. will be required from each tenant before taking possession, which will be held as security for the repair to the property of any damage which is the responsibility of the tenant, or for loss of keys, and will be returned at the expiration of the tenancy, subject to any deduction for any of the above purposes or rent due.


 (a) keep the premises (including the garden) in a clean and tidy condition and have the chimneys swept regularly ;

 (b) permit the Chief Estates Officer, or his duly authorised representative, with or without workmen, to enter upon the premises at all reasonable hours in the daytime for the purpose of inspecting the state of repair thereof and / or executing any repairs therein ;

 (c) permit the duly authorised agents, servants and workmen of the Gas, Electricity or any other appropriate Authority supplying any services to the premises or to other Corporation premises at all reasonable times to inspect, repair, renew or maintain electric, gas, drainage, water and service pipes, sewers, cables, wires, meters, fixtures or fittings installed in or under the premises or any part thereof by any such authority ;

 (d) repay to the Corporation the cost of any special cleansing or fumigation necessary by reason of the tenant having allowed the premises to become insanitary or verminous ;

 (e) notify the Chief Estates Officer without delay of any defects or dilapidations in the premises and in the meantime take all reasonable and practicable steps to arrest any natural processes of decay and to minimise as far as possible any injury to the premises consequent upon such defects or dilapidations ;

 (f) repay to the Corporation the cost of repairing any damage done to the premises or to the fixtures and fittings by the wilful act or neglect of the tenant or any member of the tenant's household, or of clearing stoppages in pipes or drains caused by such an act or neglect ;

 (g) replace or repay to the Corporation the cost of replacing windows broken in the premises during the tenancy ;

 (h) use only the back of the premises for the purposes of drying washing ;

 (i) on receipt of a notice from the Corporation so to do cease to keep on the premises any animal which is a potential source of danger or nuisance to the public or neighbours ;

 (j) keep any hedge provided properly trimmed or pruned (front hedges not to exceed 2 ft. 6 ins. in height) ; and cultivate the front garden to the satisfaction of the Chief Estates Officer, and in default after due notice from the Corporation, repay the cost of preparation, seeding (if any), and grass cutting.


 (a) assign, underlet or part with possession of the premises or any part thereof ;

 (a) use the premises for the purpose of any trade or business, or other than as a private dwelling house ;

 (c) make, permit or cause to be made any alterations in or additions to the premises ;

 (d) keep a motor cycle or tins of petrol inside the premises ;

 (e) make any unreasonable use of the premises or do thereon any act or bring thereon anything which maybe or become a nuisance or annoyance to tenants of adjoining or neighbouring premises ;

 (f) lay linoleum on any boarded floors of new premises within one foot of any wall during the first six months of tenancy ;

 (g) permit motor cars, motor cycles or other vehicles to stand in the front gardens or on the open grass verges between the front of dwellings and the road or pathway ;

 (h) play or allow to be played wireless, gramophone, or other musical instruments, etc., to the annoyance of neighbours ;


 (a) affix to or exhibit on the premises any notice, sign, name-plate or advertisement ;

 (b) erect any wireless or television aerial or make any attachment of any description to the premises ;

 (c) keep on the premises, or any part thereof, any pigs ;

 (d) erect any shed, poultry house, pigeon loft, rabbit hutch or other building whether permanent or temporary ;

 (e) paint, paper or drive nails into the walls or woodwork of the premises ;

 (f) take in lodgers ;

 (g) paint any external woodwork, stonework, brickwork or ironwork ;

 (h) erect any fence or screen of such a character or in such form as has not previously been approved by the Corporation.

7. If any weekly payment of rent shall be in arrears for more than seven days, it shall be lawful for the Corporation to re-enter on the premises and forthwith determine the tenancy without giving any notice to quit.

8. Any tenant neglecting to observe these conditions or misusing or improperly occupying any house shall be subject to notice under Clause 1 and forfeiture of the deposit, and the Corporation shall not be liable for any claim by such tenant.


1) The Conditions of Tenancy, though valid in 1958, relate only to Basildon Development Corporation owned properties constructed in the 1950s and were subject to review throughout the life of the Corporation's existence, and that of its successor the Commission for the New Towns. Many of these properties which had not been privately purchased under the right-to-buy scheme were later taken over by Basildon Council or Basildon Community Housing Association in the 1990s, and accordingly are now subject to their respective landlords conditions of tenancy.

2) The Conditions of Tenancy were printed to the rear of the Corporation's tenancy rent card until the financial year April 1981/1982.

3) The deposit of 10s (ten shillings) in condition No.3 is equivalent to the value of 50 pence in decimal coinage - as introduced in February 1971.

4) Reproduced, including the text formatting, from Basildon Development Corporation's Tenants' Handbook - Third Edition, 1958.

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