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Basildon Development Corporation - 1982 Conditions of Tenancy (Housing & Garage)

1.   Interpretation

The tenant means the person(s) to whom the Corporation offered a tenancy and who accepted in writing or in the case of a tenancy existing on 26th April 1982 the Corporation's tenant(s) on that date. When the tenant is more than one person, each is jointly and severally responsible for complying with these conditions of tenancy.

"The Corporation" means the Basildon Development Corporation, Church Walk House, Church Walk, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1XA (Telephone Basildon 22881).

"The Property" means the dwelling let to the tenant including the garden and any and every garage, store outbuilding, fixture and fitting occupied with it.

"A Secure Tenancy" means a tenancy so called by the Housing Act 1980 and any current amendment of it. Acts of Parliament confers benefits and privileges to a tenant with a secure tenancy who occupies the property as his / her only or principal home and who complies with the other conditions laid down.

2.   General

(a) These conditions form part of any tenancy agreement made by the Corporation which refers to them.

(b) From time to time the Corporation gives tenants general guidance on terms on which they occupy the dwellings let to them. The general guidance does not vary the terms of the Tenant's tenancy.

3.   Tenants' Rights

(a) The Tenant has the right to occupy the property on the terms of these Conditions of Tenancy without interference from the Corporation (except when the Corporation exercises any of its rights set out below).

(b) The Tenant has the benefit of statutory rights not mentioned in these conditions of tenancy. The effect of those rights and circumstances in which they apply are explained in leaflets issued by the Corporation. The texts of certain relevant parts of various Acts of Parliament concerned may be inspected during usual office hours at any of the Corporation's Housing Management offices.

4.   Tenant's Duties

The tenant agrees with the Corporation:

(a) To pay the rent and other charges in respect of the property in advance on Monday in each week, such payments to be recorded on the rent card provided by the Corporation.

(b) To occupy the property as the only or principal home of the tenant.

(c) At all times to use the property in a reasonable and responsible way and not to cause any nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to the Corporation or any other person, nor to permit any animal to do so, nor to allow any other person in the property to do so.

(d) Not to use the property for any illegal or immoral purpose, nor allow any other person to do so.

(e) Not to store or use any appliances or materials which could be a danger or health hazard to persons in the property or elsewhere.

(f) To look after the property in a tenant like manner, remedying minor defects, repairing fixtures, fitting and installations (including reglazing) and effecting running repairs.

(g) Promptly to report to the Corporation the need to repair the structure and exterior of the property, space heating and water heating installations, water, gas and electricity supply installations, drains, basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences.

(h) To do all interior decorations.

(i) To keep the garden in a neat and tidy condition.

(j) To do repairs and make all replacements made necessary by damages resulting from neglect, carelessness or a deliberate act of the Tenant or any person permitted by the Tenant to be in the property.

(k) Not to assign transfer or sublet the whole of the property.

(l) To obtain the written consent of the Corporation before doing any of the following:

 (i) Keeping any animal which includes a bird or reptile on the property. Any consent which the Corporation gives may be subsequently withdrawn, in which case the animal in question may no longer be kept on the property.

 (ii) Making any alteration to the property.

 (iii) Subletting part only of the property.

The Corporation will only withhold consent if, after being given full particulars of the Tenant's request, it has good reason to do so.

5.   Corporation's Rights

The Corporation has the following rights:

(a) To authorise any employee of the Corporation or contractor engaged by the corporation to enter the property for all or any of the following purposes:

 (i) Reading meters.

 (ii) Repairing the property.

 (iii) Repairing adjoining property and drains, accessways and fences used or enjoyed in common with other properties.

 (iv) Inspecting the condition of the property, adjoining property, drains, accessways and fences used in common with other properties.

(b) To use drains, sewers, wires and pipes passing through the property and serving other property and to allow others to do so.

(c) To use accessways and other facilities shared by the Tenant and to allow others to do so.

(d) To vary the rent and other charges the Tenant pays in respect of the property after giving the Tenant at least four' weeks notice (in the case of a change to the rent).

6.   Corporation's Duties

The Corporation agrees with the Tenant:

(a) To do major repairs to the property as required by law after being notified by the Tenant of the need for them.

(b) Periodically to decorate the outside of the property, unless the Tenant does so with the Corporation's consent.

(c) To give the Tenant reasonable advance warning before entering the property for one of the purposes for which it has the right to enter, unless an emergency makes an immediate entry advisable.

7.   Ending the Tenancy

(a) The Tenant may at any time end the tenancy by giving the Corporation at least four weeks' written notice, ending at noon on a Monday.

(b) While the tenancy is a secure tenancy the Corporation may only end it by obtaining a court order.

(c) At any time when the tenancy is not a secure tenancy the Corporation may end it by giving the Tenant at least four weeks' written notice, ending at noon on a Monday, or by delivering such notice to the property.


I accept a tenancy from the Basildon Development Corporation of the garage known as No.                  from the                      on the following terms and conditions.

1. Rent of £1.95 is due and payable in advance on Monday of each week. The tenant shall pay in addition weekly with the rent the proportion of general rate and, where applicable, the water rate levied in respect of the premises.

2. The tenancy to be determinable by one week's notice to expire on the Monday of any week, such notice to be given in writing.

3. The doors of the premises, when left open, to be secured with the hooks or stays provided for this purpose.

4. The premises to be kept in a clean and tidy condition and the Housing Manager or his representative to have access to inspect the premises at all reasonable times.

5. The tenant to make good any damage caused by the tenant to the premises, to the satisfaction of the Corporation's Housing Manager or to repay to the Corporation the cost of making good any such damahe.

6. Not to use the premises for any purpose other than for the storage of a motor vehicle belonging to the tenant and not to carry on any trade or business therein nor to use the premises in any way or for any purpose as to make void the Corporation's current insurance policy, or incur any increase in the insurance premium payable.

7. Not to store in the premises any petroleum or other inflammable material, other than in the tank of the vehicle.

8. Not to make any unreasonable use of the premises or do thereon any act or bring thereon anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring premises.

9. Not to assign or sub-let or part with possession of the premises or any part thereof without the previous written consent of the Corporation.

10. To indemnify the Corporation against all claim or charges which may arise from the use of the premises or the approaches thereto.

11. Not to make any alteration and / or additions to the premises without the previous written consent of the Corporation through their Housing Manager.

  Signed ....................................................

  Address ..................................................

Date ........................................ ..............................................................


1) The Conditions of Tenancy 1982 edition, though valid at the time, relates only to Basildon Development Corporation owned properties constructed from 1951 onwards and were subject to review throughout the life of the Corporation's existence, and that of its successor the Commission for the New Towns. Many of these properties which had not been privately purchased under the right-to-buy scheme were later taken over by Basildon Council or Basildon Community Housing Association in the 1990s, and accordingly are now subject to their respective landlords conditions of tenancy.

2) Reproduced, including the text formatting, from an original copy.

3) A copy of the Conditions of Tenancy was given to all prospective tenants with their tenancy offer.

4) The Conditions of Tenancy were printed to the rear of the Corporation's tenancy rent card until the financial year April 1981/1982.

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