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2002 Forum Threads

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2002 entries
Please be aware contact e-mail addresses of some entries may no longer be valid.

01) Books about Basildon
02) Memories (Double Six and Peachey's) - 5 replies.
03) Old Postcards/Telephone Directories/Books - 2 replies.
04) Fryerns Boys Club - 1 reply.
05) Hello
06) Basildon - Depeche Mode - 2 replies.
07) Need to know some history - Swanstead, Vange - 1 reply.
08) Depeche Mode's hometown - 4 replies.
09) Film footage of Basildon
10) Geography coursework
11) Depeche Mode
1.  Books about Basildon
Posted by James Edwards Email User on 12/4/2002, 3:30 pm
Does anyone have a copy of Basildon author Peter Lucas's books:
Basildon - Behind the headlines or Basildon - Birth of a City, or George Ross - The Brink of Despair.
These books were written in the 1980's.
I will pay your price for a good condition copy.

2.  Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 21/4/2002, 7:34 am
hi there, do peachey bros greengrocers still exist around town (i worked for them in the 60s), also is it true that the double six hotel is being demolished--- regards dave oakley

Re: Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Stuart Wilson on 19/8/2002, 10:16 am
Yep, Peachey's still exists..... I worked in the Laindon shop from 1995 to 98 and then was Manager at their Whitmore Way shop in Basildon from 1998 until 1999 before the shop was sold. Although I don't live in Laindon anymore, I do know that the company still exists although while I was still working there they were closing quite a few of their shops.


Re: Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Ashley Email User on 27/6/2004, 11:15 pm
Hi is that the Dave who had the long hair, I used to go out with Dave Harwood and also Mark Slowley, if you are the Dave I am thinking of I think you will no them, I was known as Mandy, real name Christina with the long polish sir name.
Ashley is the yahoo name, all good fun this pc stuff, I think the 6 is already down, must check it out.

Re: Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 17/7/2004, 8:24 am
hi there christina good to have your response, unfortunately i cant recall any of the names you mentioned most likely im not the dave you are thinking of -anyway good to hear from you ---regards dave oakley.

Re: Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Mark G on 23/5/2006, 1:46 pm
Hi Mandy - I think the "Dave" you remember was my brother. I remember you when you went out with Marc Sloley - he brought you to my brother's wedding. Dave says "hello" and wishes you all the best.

Re: Memories (Double Six and Peachey's)
Posted by Sue Email User on 16/8/2007, 9:28 pm
Unfortunately, the Double Six has been demolished and some luxury flats have been built on the site.

3.  Old Postcards/Telephone Directories/Books
Posted by Basildon.Info Email User on 4/5/2002, 11:32 am
Have you kept any old Postcards of Basildon with shop names on them, or any out-of-date Yellow Pages or Telephone Directories/Books (any condition/age) that might be of help with dating (& remembering) closed down shops in Basildon/Laindon/Pitsea/Vange etc.?
Any information would be of great help.
Contact e-mail is above.

Re: Old Postcards/Telephone Directories/Books
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 4/5/2006, 10:35 am
I don't know if you are still looking for these postcards, but I have some for Laindon taken in the 1950's and willing to let you see them. These are 100% genuine original and so worth a few bob as the saying goes. I am prepared to bring them down for you to view as I say if you still require them. I also have a write-up on the history pages about the shops in Laindon High Road and even though I moved away in 1964, I still visit the town and was there just last weekend in fact.

I do hope this is of some help to you. I am prepared to come and show the children these and talk about Laindon back in my schooldays, as I am now retired from work and can get there easily.

Re: Old Postcards/Telephone Directories/Books
Posted by Sharon Chapman Email User on 14/6/2004, 4:03 pm
I realise this message was posted some time ago but if you ever happen to read this please could you let me know if you found anything out. I am a primary school teacher finding it difficult to teach the children about Essex in the last century without many resources.
With thanks Sharon

4.  Fryerns Boys Club
Posted by Barry Duncan Email User on 20/5/2002, 8:33 am
hi could anybody tell me if fryerns boys club is still going, i used to play football for them between 1960 to 1970 thanks

Re: Fryerns Boys Club
Posted by Marcus Noakes Email User on 9/2/2005, 10:03 pm
Me too, between 1967 - 1972

5.  Hello
Posted by Henrietta Email User on 26/5/2002, 9:40 pm
Hello, I am Henrieta from Slovakia and i wont to tell you you have got good page about Basildon i was there last year for holiday and i must to tell you this is very nice town.Well, i know some people from there. your sincerely Henrietta

6.  Basildon - Depeche Mode
Posted by Frank Email User on 10/6/2002, 6:37 pm
Many of you have had surely read of Basildon as the place where electronic music peaked at its best.
In fact, I'm here, from Italy, to say hello to all citizens of Basildon, saying also I'm a great Depeche Mode fan (yes, Basildon is the native place of this band), and I hope to come to You very soon.
I hope really!

Re: Basildon - Depeche Mode
Posted by Henrietta Email User on 21/6/2002, 8:08 pm
Hi Frank......thank you for your email...i am happy..i hope i am going to Basildon this summer...Have a nice day...Henrieta from Slovakia

Re: Basildon - Depeche Mode
Posted by Rene Email User on 27/10/2004, 12:56 am
Hello to you all DM fans from Ensenada, Mexico, keeping the devotion....

Re: Basildon - Depeche Mode
Posted by Kevin Email User on 19/12/2007, 10:48 pm
Hi guys, just visited this site to-day. I am the site manager of James Hornsby high school (used to be St. Nicholas school) where depeche Mode first peformed and two members of the band went to school, there is a plaque on the stage in memory of them. If you ever come over and visit, I will gladly show you round.

7.  Need to know some history - Swanstead, Vange
Posted by Tony on 23/7/2002, 12:16 am
hi to all
I'm posting this message to see if anyone out there can help me with finding out what used to be where swanstead, vange now is, as i am deeply interested to know what was here. i would like to go back as far as i possible can and if any one has any type of information they dont mind sharing please email me or tell me where i might be able to find such information.

Re: Need to know some history - Swanstead, Vange
Posted by Ashley Email User on 27/6/2004, 11:09 pm
In The early 60s this area was mainly open spaces and fields, a net work of small roads with plotland cottages on. It was like the rest of vange and Basildon at that time very beautiful.
Regards Ashley

8.  Depeche Mode's hometown
Posted by Julia Email User on 22/9/2002, 5:11 am
Depeche Mode is my favorite music group, and they are of course from Basildon. I have really enjoyed being able to see what Basildon is like. So many other articles that I have read about Basildon make it sound like it is such a bad place. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see where my favorite band is from. Anyone out there interested in being "email pals"?

Re: Depeche Mode's hometown
Posted by Ivan Email User on 13/12/2002, 10:25 pm
hi julia
i'm ivan from italy.
i'm a big devote fan.

Re: Depeche Mode's hometown
Posted by Samantha Email User on 24/7/2003, 3:40 pm
hehe, the lead singers mum lives across da street from me, we always see visitors from all over the world come to see her house lol, just thought i'd share!

Re: Depeche Mode's hometown
Posted by Rene Email User on 27/10/2004, 12:50 am
Hi, I'm from Ensenada, Mexico, and DM is also my favorite band since 1987 when I first discovered them, I've been colecting rare items since then (well they were rare to me, coming from such a small town as well, hehe) and I'm always up for a nice chat with a DM fan...
take care
p.s. I don't know how this works but if you plan to reply to my e-mail address in yahoo, please use a notizable subject, such as DDDDDDDMMMMMMM, otherwise I will be confused with all the junk mail I usually receive...

9.  Film footage of Basildon
Posted by Alicia Email User on 16/10/2002, 12:31 pm
Has anyone got any film footage/video of Basildon in the early eighties for a BBC Current Affairs programme I am making? Please email me at if you can help.

10.  Geography coursework
Posted by charlotte Email User on 30/10/2002, 12:50 pm
hello, could you please email me a list of the buses which currently run in Basildon and their destinations as I am studying Basildon for my geography coursework and the information would be very helpfull (p.s - please could i only have information on bus services which run NOW not in 1967 etc . . )
thankyou :-) Charlotte

11.  Depeche Mode
Posted by ivan Email User on 13/12/2002, 10:24 pm
thanks basildon.....
dm are my favorite band...i'm a devote...
thanks frank for your link
italian devote fan

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