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2003 entries
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01) Books about Basildon
01) Yardley History - 1 reply.
02) Romanies - 1 reply.
03) Yardley products
04) Essex Broadband Wireless
05) Inverness Road, Laindon
06) Laindon High Road School
07) Spooks Scooter Club - 11 replies.
08) Craylands - 4 replies.
09) 1953 Flood - 3 replies.
10) Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall? - 8 replies.
11) Old Mates - 2 replies.
12) Old Vange Cemetery - 1 reply.
1.  Yardley History
Posted by Robert Eardley Email User on 15/1/2003, 9:08 am
Does anyone have knowledge of who the original Yardleys were and where and when they started their operation. I have good reason to believe they were related to theY(eardleys) of Audley Staffordshire---my own family. They came to the Southwark area around 1600----not too far from the Stratford factory I believe. I would really appreciate some info. Robert Eardley

Re: Yardley History
Posted by Peter Dzik Email User on 10/11/2006, 4:16 pm
dear robert, see my essay on

2.  Romanies
Posted by Grattan Puxon Email User on 5/2/2003, 10:08 am
I believe Romany families have lived in this part of Essex for a long time. Can any one help me with facts, figures or leads to this?
We plan to hold a >Roma Day Carnival< in Basildon on 8 April. Please contact us if you are interested.
I am a member of the Gypsy Council

Re: Romanies
Posted by Lyn Email User on 1/12/2004, 11:43 pm
I am looking for my ancestors whom I believe stopped in Pitsea or Basildon. My nan's maiden name was Webb. Do you have any info on where they may have lived or camped?

3.  Yardley products
Posted by Andrea Grady Email User on 8/3/2003, 12:30 am
Hi I'm looking for older Yardley of London products. Any suggestions?

4.  Essex Broadband Wireless
Posted by Mark Crosby Email User on 22/4/2003, 3:26 am
Hi There, Just want to let everyone know about a new project starting in Basildon - Essex wifi broadband service - Please go and have a look!

Essex Broadband Project

Editor: The website link with this entry no longer resolves.

5.  Inverness Road, Laindon
Posted by Chris Weston on 2/5/2003, 7:35 pm
Does anyone remember The Hart family (Isabella) who lived in Laindon "Broale" Inverness Road in the fifties? Or does anyone have any photo's of that Road. Daughter named Kate. Doing family tree. Thanks.

6.  Laindon High Road School
Posted by Chris Weston Email User on 25/5/2003, 4:20 pm
Does anyone remember Sandra Lindop who attended Laindon High Road School and was in Trial By Jury (School Production) we believe in either Summer of the years 1971 or 1972. We are looking for any photo's or memorabilia from the years mentioned.

7.  Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Roger Plummer Email User on 24/6/2003, 10:05 pm
Anyone out there, who used to belong to the Spooks Scooter Club. It was on the go in the early sixties so go and ask your mum or dad what their memories are like. I would love to here from old friends.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Robin Lockhart Email User on 19/9/2004, 1:34 pm
Roger. I joined May 1960 T.V. Series II fame (Lambretta that is) Have a small hotel in Blackpool now. Contacted Alan Wickens the other week, found him on Friends Reunited. He now lives at Earls Colne. Ian Beadle is in Australia and Alan Taylor runs a "gite" in Northern France. Robin

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 25/11/2004, 1:03 am
Hi Roger, This evening we had Robin @ Dawn Lockhart round for drinks and coffee and had a great remenisce(?). I can only apologise for the fission between the Spooks and the Boomerangs. The cause of the problem was with Ian (my now brother in law). He started the suspiction about Terry and I swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I have now a long time ago realised that this was Ian's way of introducing some excitment into his life (but introducing destruction into others). I have been to visit him in Australia and he appears to have no recollection or remorse of the damage he caused. If you see Terry will you please give my deepest apologies.
Best regards, Alan Wickens.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Paul Thorpe Email User on 15/5/2006, 8:38 pm
Hello robin I was a member of the spooks in 1960. Do you remember my best friend Rob Lowe who was also a spook? He went to new zealand and he sadly passed away about 2 years ago.
I live in Pitsea now. Do you remember when we went camping at Leysdown and we were sitting round the tents while I was telling my jokes and the rallies we had around the Hanningfield area? I think we all got lost ah! And do you remember Teds cafe on the a127 (we used to call it the arterial road then) where we would used to meet up? I could go on recalling the good times we all had in those days.
Keep in touch regards PAUL.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Joseph Email User on 8/6/2006, 2:26 pm
hi paul,remember me??? We used to ride out in the early sixties. your jokes (i`m still having nightmares). where are you in pitsea??, love to see you again. did spain not work out mate?? keep in touch. joseph kipling.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Colin Ferrier Email User on 15/9/2006, 11:59 pm
Hi Robin, Alan, Paul,,etc. Would like to get in touch. How ???

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Malcolm Granville Email User on 16/12/2006, 12:52 am
Another Spook. Remember the Rumi? Still got the banner somewhere. Retired now and living in Ireland. Robin & Dawn have a guest house in Blackpool. Jumbo is in Norfolk somewhere. Ian B & Irene went to Australia. Any news of Tel, Big Johnny, Katie, Harry the pin? The white House cafe on the A129 is still there I think, gone posh though.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 24/11/2007, 9:05 pm
Hi Roger, I am now in contact with Alan Taylor, Harry Morgan, Colin Ferrier, Robin & Dawn Lockhart. Margot will be on line soon. We are looking for info. re. Terry Nice and Gonker Smith. Have you any idea where they are or what they are up to?
Best regards, Alan.

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 24/11/2007, 9:27 pm
Hi Paul, I remember your jokes. You were wonderful. You could have become a great con man (did you?). I now live in Kefalonia, Greece but am in contact with Alan Taylor, Harry Morgan, Colin Ferrier, Roger Plummer, Robin & Dawn Lockhart and Margot will be online soon. We are all members of Friends Reunited so please join up (£7.50 pounds a year).
Fond regards,

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 24/11/2007, 9:17 pm
Hi Malcolm,
Have now moved to Kefalonia, Greece. I am in contract with Alan Taylor, Colin Ferrier, Harry Morgan, Roger Plummer 7 Robin & Dawn Lockhart (Margot will be online soon). All are on Friends reunited (Spooks Scooter Club). We are looking for Terry Nice and "Gonker"Smith. Any ideas?

Thank you again for the flight over the Essex marshlands.
Fond regards,

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 24/11/2007, 9:38 pm
Hi Joseph, Don't remember you as having been a member of the "Spooks" but never mind. I am now living in Kefalonia, Greece. I have just emailed Paul. I am in touch with Alan Taylor, Colin Ferrier, Harry Morgan, Roger Plummer and Margot will be online soon.
All are members of Friends Reunited so please sign up (7.50 pounds for a year). Photos welcome.
Best regards,

Re: Spooks Scooter Club
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 14/12/2007, 10:01 pm
Has anyone come across Bob Reay (Jumbo) in their searches?

8.  Craylands
Posted by Gary Stratton Email User on 24/8/2003, 10:42 am
Does any one have any photos of when craylands estate was being built, or the year building work started thanks

Re: Craylands
Posted by Margaret Hofman Email User on 11/7/2004, 9:49 pm
I visited the site of the old Craylands School a few months ago, it is boarded up and looks like it is ready to be pulled down - what a mess

Re: Craylands
Posted by Gary Email User on 14/7/2004, 9:18 am
Thanks for the information. I havn't been down there for a while now. I expect the land will go to housing

Re: Craylands
Posted by John Hammerslag Email User on 1/4/2005, 2:47 am
Ironically I was looking for the school on the web without success. I attended that school in the fifties and found it sad reading it now seems doomed. I have lived in Australia for forty years.

Re: Craylands
Posted by Karen and Peter French Email User on 11/5/2005, 10:03 am
Hello John,
We read your post. My mum Maud and family will have a lot of information on Pitsea and Craylands as it once was, they all still live in Popes Crescent and Burns Avenue. As you know from Peter we moved to the Highlands of Scotland seven years ago when Shellhaven closed but very, very occasionally come down to Pitsea to see our family and Peter. If you would like to get in touch with us, just drop us an email.
Regards, Peter and Karen French

9.  1953 Flood
Posted by CJ Email User on 5/10/2003, 7:27 pm
Does anyone have any memories of the flooding in Wickford in 1953? I am compiling a book about the flood and would be grateful of any input any one wishes to give.

Re: 1953 Flood
Posted by John Stretch Email User on 13/1/2004, 10:16 pm
Pathe news has some film of the flood effects.
Go to

Re: 1953 Flood
Posted by Arthur Cox Email User on 12/11/2004, 10:07 pm
Just found a request for information so what I remember is now probably too late for your purpose.
I then lived in Nevendon Road. On the Sat 31st Jan 1053 I was on duty as a telephonist at the London Trunk Exchange, Faraday Building, Queen Victoria St. London. I was due off duty at around During the evening we became aware that it was getting increasingly difficult to make contact with places on the east coast, Norfolk, etc. There was little dialling access then - a matter of plugging into lines to the largish towns and manual ringing to contact the distant operators. Around the time I left for home we had heard that there were floods and I began to wonder how deep the water would be at Hall's Corner - a usual event with high tides - I caught the last train to Wickford station and waded through into Nevendon Road. It was only the following day that I realised how serious things were.

Re: 1953 Flood
Posted by Chris Yeomans Email User on 8/6/2006, 11:39 am
I have very vivid memories of the flood the night that it happened how we managed to get home the next morning rowing through the high street in boats that were bought from Billericay Lakes to Billy Foyle swimming through the high street to see to his horses in Runwell if you would like an in depth account I will be pleased to tell you all about it by telephone or an interview as it is a long story.

10.  Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Andrew Edmonds Email User on 14/11/2003, 10:45 am
Does anyone remember the big snow fall in the 60's that brought the country to a stand still?

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Sue on 10/2/2004, 10:56 am
Yes, I was 3 and lived on Hillside Rd in Billericay. I remember buses not getting up the hill, and then the whole street going out on sledges.

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Pat Email User on 2/6/2004, 3:16 am
Yes, I had just come to Basildon with my family and watched as all the local children made the largest snow ball I have ever seen. I also remember the pavements frozen and slippery to walk on for months and wishing i had warmer boots!

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by S. Turner on 4/3/2005, 11:53 pm
I have photo's showing all the Dads and kids in our street having a snowball fight.

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 8/4/2005, 4:15 pm
Hello Andrew
I have literally just read your thread and sure do remember it. I think it was 62 or 63 and I was then working at Brown & Tawse Tubes in West Horndon. I can remember walking from Compton Walk to the then Fortune of War to get the bus going to Romford and getting off at the very top of Childerditch Lane and walking through huge very long snowdrifts to get to work. If memory serves me correctly, buses had to use the A127 as the road surface over the bridge at West Horndon railway station was so slippery, the buses couldn't use it or even get over it. It was like this for several days and at the end, we all got an unexpected bonus in our pay packets.
I do hope you get further response for this memory.

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Philip Brunker Email User on 14/9/2005, 1:57 pm
How could one forget.
I had a paper round at the time and had to abandon my push bike halfway through and finish on foot alone. Some front doors had drifts covering their letter boxes. The schools didn't close, although attendance was pretty patchy. Kids today have no idea!

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Robina Norton (nee Lipscomb) Email User on 15/9/2005, 2:08 pm
We lived in Bridge Avenue. To get there we came in from Dunton past the Fur and Feather Club (anyone remember that!) then on a cinder road (which my Dad and neighbours built) over the Railway bridge and turn first right (now, I believe part of Laindon West). I had to trundle through knee high snow to Laindon High Road school to sit the 13 plus exam

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Sarah Crouch Email User on 3/5/2006, 11:54 pm
I remember the big snowfall. We opened our front door and a snow drift fell in..later on in the day me and brother were clearing the front path with the coal shovel, not that we had an open fire, but i snatched it off my brother and hit him across the bridge of the nose, the blood turned the snow reddish. The milk float couldn't find the road and ended up on the footpath.

Re: Does anyone remember the 1962/1963 snowfall?
Posted by Glyn Willshere Email User on 31/8/2006, 6:21 pm
Do I remember it! Oh yes indeed. What was the year? Between November 1962 and March 1963. I was an apprentice at the time and lived at Kirkham Road, being at the crest of the Lower Dunton Road and near to Inns Car Breakers. My place of work was in Upminster and at the time I was living with my sister in Bennetts Road, Hornchurch. Of a weekend I would ride my BSA Bantam motorcycle home and return on a Sunday night to my sister's. The A130 Brentwood Road was pure white, silvery ice. I recall travelling along that road back to my sister's home at about half past ten in the evening. I was travelling at about 25 mph. and decided that I could stand on my feet, using them as Skis whilst I went along. This was a spectacularly bad idea. Needless to say, I fell right off my bike and slid mercilessly along the A130 for hundreds of yards on my backside, occasionally meeting up with my Bantam. Passing motorists were, to say the least, confused at this spectacle. It was such a bitterly cold period and one that will never leave my memory.

11.  Old Mates
Posted by Neil Iles Email User on 17/11/2003, 3:23 pm
My name is Neil Iles. I used to live at #4 Beeleigh East, Basildon (I think). I moved to the USA in 1966 with my family. I,m 47 yrs. old. Looking for any old mates that went to Manor school. Played at "the Mote", and went to the pictures in Pitsea ...Names I remember are...Tony Clifford, Andrew Keely, thanks for your help.

Re: Old Mates
Posted by Robert Berry Email User on 20/10/2005, 10:23 am
Although a couple of years younger than you, I went to the Bryn and used to play in the Moat too! This is when it used to be just a hole in the ground. Last I saw of it, it was a private fishery.
Best regards,
Robert Berry.

Re: Old Mates
Posted by Neil A. Iles Email User on 6/12/2005, 4:06 pm
Robert, thank you for responding. I hear that Basildon has experienced a lot of changes since I lived their. I also remember going to the "Double Six" on a Sunday afternoon, sitting outside with the other kids.......Happy holidays!

12.  Old Vange Cemetery
Posted by Moira Haig nee Greaves Email User on 27/11/2003, 6:40 am
Looking for information on old vange cemetery to assist in research of greaves family history.

Re: Old Vange Cemetery
Posted by Margaret Hofman Email User on 11/7/2004, 9:51 pm
I knew two families of Greaves in the Pitsea area. Pam Greaves who moved to America and Pat Greaves her cousin who lived in Elmtree Road.

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