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2008 Forum Threads - July to December

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2008 entries
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28) Old Vangeites - 1 reply.
29) Remember Me? - 8 replies.
30) Markhams Chase School - 1 reply.
31) Basildon Telephone Exchange - 2 replies.
32) Grant Best printers of Durham Road, Laindon - 2 replies.
33) Boxing Club - 6 replies.
34) Peters Hairdressers (Barbers) - 6 replies.
35) Bus crash at Dunton Wayletts
36) John Birch of Laindon
37) Woodlands Girls School Fire - 3 replies.
38) Information on John Alderton born 1806/1807? - 1 reply.
39) Prestlands Fair - 4 replies.
40) Brian Markin - 2 replies.
41) Martins Mobile Sales Trucks - 3 replies.
42) Alan Wickens - 1 reply.
43) Trenham Avenue, Pitsea - does anyone remember..........
44) Old house at Felmores - 1 reply.
45) Thanks for the memories & St. Martin's church choir - 1 reply.
46) Derek Hood
47) Redgrave Road
48) Byron's shop, Windsor Road, Laindon
49) Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School - 7 replies.
50) Old Laindon - 3 replies.
51) Old Hearse - 8 replies.
52) "Wild West" in Laindon - 4 replies.
53) Seeleys Butchers Vange - 4 replies.
54) The Incas
55) A Bedwell & Son, Wash Road, Laindon - 2 replies.
56) Trenham Avenue Twins
57) Luncies Road Youth Club - 2 replies.
58) Jimmy Green
59) Jolly Friar Shops - 1 reply.
60) Fobbing Well - 4 replies.
61) Craylands School - 6 replies.
62) Martins Ice Cream Vans and Mobile Shops - 2 replies.
63) Merry Christmas - 3 replies.
28.  Old Vangeites
Posted by Vic Wiles Email User on 5/7/2008, 3:21 pm
Any old Vangeites remember my dad's coal yard in Highview Road Vange it was there from the 1920's for about 40 years

Re: Old Vangeites
Posted by Toff Email User on 29/7/2010, 3:40 am
Where was it located compared to today's buildings?

29.  Remember Me?
Posted by Jose Bowen Email User on 8/7/2008, 11:24 am
Hello anyone out there I used to live in Bushy Mead Laindon on the King Edward Estate. I was Jose Bowen now Morris, my Mum was Nurse Trickey and I had a brother Ernie [Tiger]. We used to go to Markham Chase P/S and then Laindon High rd school. My last year there was 1958. I have found a few people from Laindon but would love to hear from more, so if you remember me please contact me Thanks. Josmile.gif

Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 28/7/2008, 1:55 pm
Hi Jo, I cant understand why you got no answers from do you remember me their must be loads out there as King Edward Estate was quite big for it,s day, Hope all is Ok with you in Aus I have heard quite a bit about it over the years and I must say it sounds great. All the best Fred Rand

Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Violet Perfect Email User on 2/10/2008, 1:04 pm
hi josie youre name jumped right out at me. i went to laindon high road. so sad that it has been pulled down not that i liked school that much nurse tricky,s name was mentioned a lot in my family i lived in basildon road, my brother eddie perfect and his wife mollie still live at royston avenue. i live in lincs now mum and grandmother. 66 and happy. reading the messages has brought back so many names and memories. bye

Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Andrea Ash nee Pinnell Email User on 5/10/2008, 9:02 pm
Hi Jose, yes remember you very well, we were same class at Laindon High Road, you lived near Janet N. Would be nice to hear from you some time.


Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Violet Marshall nee Perfect Email User on 20/10/2008, 12:09 pm
hi josie how are you and yours out in oz. have been chatting to andrea ash nee pinnell. she e.mailed me the school photo. found you straight away. it brings back so many memories of the old days. now a mum and grandma bye for now. would love to hear from you. vi x

Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Vi Marshall nee perfect on 20/10/2008, 12:12 pm
hi love to read the messages. i,ve been away from laindon for a long time but have been catching up on old names and faces. would like to hear from old school friends. i went to high road school in the mid fifties. bye

Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Christine Smith on 25/10/2008, 9:55 pm
Have you a relation named Carol Pinnell?


Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Andrea Ash nee Pinnell Email User on 23/11/2008, 10:12 pm
Hi Christine

Sorry have only just picked up your message - yes Carol Pinnell is my cousin. I went to a Plotlands Reunion in the summer and was told that Carol normally attends. She lives in Devon and the last time I saw her was sadly at her sister Rosemary's funeral in Wickford a few years back. Please write back if you want on my email address - and I've got an idea that my husband Chris (Ash) may know you - he was one of the Laindon boys - used to go jiving. Ring any bells?


Re: Remember Me?
Posted by Jim Green Email User on 14/3/2009, 3:07 pm
Hi Violet just seen your message. I used to be a postman at Laindon Sorting Office and remember working with a chap called Teddy Perfect. Any relation. He was a smashing fellow whatever happened to him, I would be very interested to know.

30.  Markhams Chase School
Posted by Fred Penson Email User on 11/7/2008, 12:37 pm
In reply to Alan Wickens about the playing field it now has classrooms built on part of it, opposite the field that was part of Bluehouse Farm, and Lawrences store that used be on the corner of the farm road. I went back about 3 years ago to have a look round, no blackboards now all computerised, but the school pond is still there and has been cleaned out and is now a nature area, and the old canteen has been pulled down.

Re: Markhams Chase School
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 14/7/2008, 12:47 pm
What Fabulous memories there Fred? I also went back there a few years back and gave them a copy of my school photo taken when a pupil and for their archives. I was made to feel Most Welcome by the staff on my visit. Fortunately for me, I do have some photo's showing part of the old canteen and their pond.
I heard back in April, that Music Teacher Miss Pike is still alive and that pleased me, because she was Good.

31.  Basildon Telephone Exchange
Posted by Daphne Day (Williamson) Email User on 16/7/2008, 11:39 pm
Was anyone working at the Basildon Exchange (either 1 or 2) in the sixties?

Re: Basildon Telephone Exchange
Posted by Maureen Baxter (nee Ridley) Email User on 14/9/2010, 4:11 pm
Yes, I worked at Basildon 2 (and occasionally at Bas 1) from 1965 to 1968/9. I loved it there and used to work lots of extra hours - there was a lovely system where anyone could 'sell' some of their hours to someone else so it was a great way of making money for my wedding. If I was on late shift I would do someone else's early hours too so if they had children they didn't have to come in until they'd got their children off to school. It worked well if on an early shift too as I would stay on and do the teatime hours for someone else who wanted to get off early. I was always willing to do weekends too and some of the women got so used to me being available that when someone asked me to do a Saturday and I said I couldn't as it was my wedding day she asked what time I was getting married and when I said it was 4pm she suggested I could still do the morning!! I was great friends with Margaret Warren who emigrated to Australia after getting married and having her first child, Mary Lugg, Valerie Rand, Val Bevan (nee Baker). I also remember the very glamorous supervisor Miss Allingham, Marcia Signal, Sophie Raeburn, Pat Holmes, Doris Daniels (who sadly died of a brain haemmorage) and there was a little lady who was always called Tommy though I can't remember her real name. I'm sure lots more names will come to me. Do you remember how we all knew the extension lights for Fords and STC and could pick them up from the other side of the room from where they lit up? I doubt modern exchanges are as much fun as the old plug and cord ones! I also loved relieving at other exchanges around the country - Godalming, Iver, High Wycombe, Reading, Newbury and more. I felt very grown up travelling to these places and staying away from home for weeks!

Re: Basildon Telephone Exchange
Posted by Christine Smith on 25/10/2008, 9:48 pm
Yes I did! and what a treat to find this site and this message today. I was at Bas 1 and 2 in 1965/6. I seem to recall your name and mine was Christine Mott then Wed in 1964.

I worked mainly at Bas 2 in Winstanley Way near the old STC site in Cranes Farm Road. I knew Wendy Hurley the supervisor and Mrs Dove the supe at Bas 1. I used to catch the bus to the industrial site and the thing was always late and if on the early turn was a pain. I can see that old exchange in my minds eye now as I type.
The canteen and those engineers having their tea and toast. Have you seen the Lightstraw site? All about the GPO and the moderator who runs it is John Chenery whose dad was a night supervisor at Southend Telephone exchange.
will close now as you may not ever get to be aware of my reply to you.

Cheers and hope you get this message


32.  Grant Best printers of Durham Road, Laindon
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 18/7/2008, 12:45 pm
Anyone remember Grant Best printers in Durham Rd, also Smith Greenfield also in Durham Road, I worked for both of them in '59 /'60 I think quite a few people from the High Rd school did too, I remember Chriss Oliver, Ann Green, Martin Wood and a couple of others whose names I've lost, anyone know when they closed down???, Ken

Re: Grant Best printers of Durham Road, Laindon
Posted by Tony Dow Email User on 19/7/2008, 1:11 am
Hi Ken
I took over from Eric Grant in the early 70's and I changed grant best into an ice cream depot, My ice cream vans went all over the district they were called MARTINS. Derek Greenfield run the printers over the road from us he become a GREAT friend of mine but alas he died about 9 or 10 years ago, a truly lovely person. I still see his wife Lillian quite often
Good memories. PGR timber has taken over smith greenfields old factory and its now a timber & builders yard. Graham Toomey is the owner of PGR who happens to be a friend of mine as well. Best Wishes Tony

Re: Grant Best printers of Durham Road, Laindon
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 19/7/2008, 12:37 pm
Hy Tony, thanks for that info, we used to call Derek "dizzy" for some reason, he had a cousin/brother, working there as well he was a dark haired chap with a small mustache, John Greenfield was his name [I just remembered it} he was a great bloke too. They both drove the new super? Ford Anglia's with the raked back rear window. They were quite good to work for I liked John a lot he was understanding of a young kid [16] that was trying to learn something very new and grow up at the same time. If he is still alive he would be about 70/72 I would think, if you know him or can pass a message on tell him I said hello and thanks for his help all those years ago, regards Ken.
PS is Eric Grant still around his daughter was born just before I left UK in 1964. Ken

33.  Boxing Club
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 20/7/2008, 6:28 am
anyone remember a boxing coach named GENE RAYMOND i joined a boxing club in the early 60s in basildon, im pretty sure it was not BERRY BOYS but i cannot remember exactly where in basildon it was. regards DAVE OAKLEY.confused.gif

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Overthefields Email User on 11/8/2008, 11:34 pm
There used to be a boxing club in a church hall next to the railway bridge in Church Road probably in the late 1950s.

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 12/8/2008, 10:29 am
Thanks for jogging my memory overthefields, i joined that boxing club when i arrived in basildon in 1961, it was still going when i left it a year later at least.-- dave 0.happy.gif

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 14/10/2008, 4:29 pm
The Berry Boys Club used to be in a house next door, or next door but one to the Laindon Post Office that was opposite the Laindon Hotel, another Great landmark sadly gone.

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Mike Fruin Email User on 29/3/2009, 12:23 am
The Berry boxing club was in Berry Lane in 1955 and then moved near the post office. It was run by Fred Nunn. We had visits from a couple of professional boxers - one had been in the olympics

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Glenn Email User on 23/4/2009, 3:44 pm
I was in a boxing club in my teens (wow that makes me feel old)
It was over in the hall in ballards walk, lee chapel north.

Re: Boxing Club
Posted by Sean Stevens on 1/8/2009, 9:15 am
berry boys boxing club was in laindon by the telephone exchange and the winston social club i have fond memories of playing on the old coal yard behind the site when i grew up in handley green in the early 70,s

34.  Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 20/7/2008, 11:23 am
Gday all, anyone remember or know if they are still around the brothers that had the trendy barbers shop that all the young blokes went to on the east side of the High Road about 100 yards from Cottis bakers. Peter and Ivan were their names, they started the "modern" haircuts for us young lads from about '58 on, they were still there when I left in '64, Peter lived in Vowler Road and drove a red TF M.G., I think Ivan joined him after a stint in the army any ideas?? Ken.

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 21/7/2008, 8:08 am
Hi Ken, Their name was Grimwood, Peter was the owner and when Ivan came out of the RAF he joined Peter, They opened a shop in the Knares and another in Whitmore Way Basildon, They later bought Orsett Hall and it was either a club or Restaraunt. Brings back a lot of memories, Ivan did my hair for me the day I got married in the Whitmore Way shop that was back in 1968!!!!

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 21/7/2008, 10:36 am
Gday Fred, I recall that name now, Peter was the last bloke to cut my hair before leaving UK, are they both still with us? I would think they would be about your age so I reckon they should be nicely retired by now. did you read my yarn on the stories page? regards Ken.

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by John Ward Email User on 29/8/2008, 2:50 am
Yes! I remember the barbers shop to the South of Laindon Railway bridge. I believe the shop was previously run by Charlie Franta(?) who was a traditional barber. There is no doubt that Peter Grimwood was the 1st barber in the area with style. I recall that when Peter and Ivan gave up hairdressing in Basildon they took over the Windmill Pub/Restaurant at Hanningfield and then moved on to the larger and more up-market Orsett Hall.

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Jim Green Email User on 19/1/2009, 2:30 pm
Hello Ken, yes I remember Peter and Ivan and the barbers shops. They had quite a few and were both nice blokes. Ivan lived in a big grey bungalow in Bells Hill Road over near the Five Bells Pub and I think Peter lived somewhere in Laindon. Peter was quite a good footballer and sometimes played for Sunday League team 'Basildon G.P.O. What became of them I don't know, they disappeared off the scene quite quickly after being so popular.

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 21/1/2009, 10:05 am
Gday Jim, Peter used to live in Vowler Road. He drove around in a TF M.G. Where he went after I left UK I dont know. Nice blokes the pair of them, certainly a breath of fresh [h]air in Laindon after years of the ex army "short back and sides" barbers that were around at the time. By the way Jim, you may have known my old man, he worked at the Laindon sorting office before being transfered to Barstable PO. Charlie Page was his name, he came out here to Oz in 69 but died in 1970. regards Ken Page

Re: Peters Hairdressers (Barbers)
Posted by Jim Green Email User on 2/3/2009, 2:37 pm
Hello Ken, I was stunned when you said you were Charlie Page's son. I worked with your Dad at the old PDO in Luncies Road off Timberlog Lane. Indeed, when I first came to Basildon it was your Dad who gave me my first tuition on delivery. He was a lovely lovely man, everybody loved Charlie. I remember he had a motorbike and sidecar and used to supply us postmen with fresh bacon and eggs. He also regailed us with tales of when he was a sniper in WW2. He often spoke of joining you in Oz and it's so sad that he made it only for a short time. I was quite stunned when your message came up and it's lovely to hear from you. We must keep in touch as I can remember so many of the old lads I worked with in Basildon and Laindon. You wouldn't recognise the place now, so many changes. I emigrated to Cyprus in 2003 and am doing well so let me know your news. Once again, lovely to hear from you. Take care, God bless.

35.  Bus crash at Dunton Wayletts
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 22/7/2008, 8:12 am
Does anyone remember the school bus crash at wayletts junction with the A127? It would have been around 1956/57. I caught the school bus at the bottom of Second Avenue on Lower Dunton Road along with a few other local kids. It was very very foggy a real peasouper, we crept along LDR dropped off some kids at Dunton school then crept on to the A127. The poor driver had to open the door and his window and get us kids to be quiet while he listened for oncoming traffic. He took a punt and got to the centre reservation; unfortunatly the bus stuck out into the London bound lane, it was only a few seconds before a car ploughed into us followed by several more then all we could hear was the screech of tyres and thumps and bangs as cars crashed into each other in the fog. Eventually we cleared the intersection and after quite a while the fog cleared enough to see the carnage on both sides of the A127, we didnt get to school til halfway through the morning, another bus had to be sent to pick us up because of the damage to ours, quite an exciting start for the day.
I dont know what happened to our driver but nowadays he would have been charged with something thats for sure, regards Ken

36.  John Birch of Laindon
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 23/7/2008, 12:58 pm
Does any one out there know the whereabouts of John Birch (Birchy). He used to live in Bracken Mount at a bungalow named The Dingle and later moved to Vowler Road to a bungalow named The Dees. Both of these addresses are Laindon, he also had a sister named Pat would love to know what happened to them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Fred Rand.

37.  Woodlands Girls School Fire
Posted by Lynda on 31/7/2008, 3:12 pm
Does anybody remember back in the early 80's (possibly late 70's) when a gas cylinder blew up on the roof of Woodlands Girls School? My sister and i shot out of bed and stood on the footbridge over Nethermayne watching the flames!
My sister thought it was great, cos it meant a few days off school! It actually frightened the life out of me.

Re: Woodlands Girls School Fire
Posted by Dicky Email User on 20/9/2008, 9:55 pm
it was the boys school that caught fire in the late seventies. the girl's school was later on in the mid 80s (around 84 i think). i remember watching the boy's school from the end of my road, with my mum

Re: Woodlands Girls School Fire
Posted by Paul Finucane Email User on 19/5/2009, 11:15 pm
it was on the roof of the boys school, I was a pupil there at the time.

Best night of my life at that time :-)

I remember lessons being transferred to Lee Chapel South juniors.

Those were the days!

Re: Woodlands Girls School Fire
Posted by Paula Email User on 23/1/2010, 11:14 pm
I remember the fire at the boy's school late 70s. We had to have lessons at Lee Chapel.

38.  Information on John Alderton born 1806/1807?
Posted by Sue Alderton Email User on 3/8/2008, 1:49 am
I have been searching for over 7 years for the birthplace of John Alderton definitely born in Essex and definitely born in 1806 or 1807 depending on which year he submitted his details for his Convict Indents either 1837 when he was sentenced or 1838 when he was transported to Australia. His parents were John Alderton and Elizabeth and he could possibly have had a brother Daniel born 1810 when John may have been baptised this is from information passed down in the family. I have searched many records in the last 7 years but to no avail. Please is there anyone out here who can help me.

Desperately Seeking Susan

Re: Information on John Alderton born 1806/1807?
Posted by Andrea Ash nee Pinnell Email User on 23/12/2008, 8:33 pm
Hi Susan; have noticed your question dated 3/8/08 about John Alderton family. My aunt (Mrs Emily Pinnell, nee Lincoln) had a sister Grace who married an Alderton. I know they had a son Alan who is still around, as far as I know. If you need any more information, I could possibly ask my cousin who once lived in the same road as them, ie Lower Avenue in Dunton.


39.  Prestlands Fair
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 3/8/2008, 9:12 am
Does anyone remember the Fair that used to over winter behind Collins the ironmongers in I think it was called Denbeigh Rd. I remember seeing the owner riding along the High Road on a Corgi motorcycle, also the steam engine that used to supply all the electricity for the fairground. They used to start the season by opening on the site.

Re: Prestlands Fair
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 17/8/2008, 11:15 am
I have heard from Vic Wiles about the fair that used to over winter in Laindon, he told me that the chap who used to ride the Corgi was a Mr Ward, can any body confirm that I have the name correct?? for the Fair.

Re: Prestlands Fair
Posted by Andrea Ash nee Pinnell Email User on 5/10/2008, 9:13 pm
Yes, I remember Preslands Fair; I lived in number 1 Denbigh Road and the field was directly opposite, so had a great view every time. I went into one of their caravans and watched the lady make humbugs (she stretched it on hooks). Do you remember the chair-o-planes? We had a very elderly lodger who insisted riding on them. I loved the Jungle Ride! Swing Boats too!! (Would you be the same Fred Rand who worked on the Billericay building site where my husband Chris also worked?).

Re: Prestlands Fair
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 6/10/2008, 9:16 am
Hi Andrea, Many thanks for your report on Prestlands Fair, and yes I did work on several building sites in Billericay back in the dark days!!!!. I well remember the swing boats and all the other rides what great times they were. I now live in Norfolk but still miss the old Laindon, I cant get about much now but hope to visit Laindon in the spring just to see how much more devastation Basildon has caused.

Re: Prestlands Fair
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 14/10/2008, 4:25 pm
Despite living in the area for almost 18 years, I only have a vague memory of the fair being in Laindon.

40.  Brian Markin
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 14/8/2008, 7:59 am
Brian Markin who signed the guest book, are you the Brian Markin who used to work for A. Bedwell in Wash Road?? also later on became a Traffic Warden in Billericay???. Did you live in Devonshire Road. Would love to hear from you if you are the one. Fred

Re: Brian Markin
Posted by Brian Markin on 13/11/2008, 11:10 am
Hello Fred
Yes I am he who worked at A Bedwells and I was a Traffic warden at Basildon/Billericay/Wickford. It would be nice to hear from you, as I now live in Suffolk,(Saxmundham). Hope to hear from you soon.

Re: Brian Markin
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 16/11/2008, 10:20 am
Hi Brian, Thanks for answering the message board, I have sent you an email. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since we worked at A Bedwell in Wash Road what great days they were I just wonder if any of the old drivers are still about, I remember some of them there was Cyril Webber, Tom Lagden, Bill Poulton, and one called Ron I cant remember his last name, Do you remember the managers name????

41.  Martins Mobile Sales Trucks
Posted by Ice Woman on 20/8/2008, 2:42 pm

Re: Martins Mobile Sales Trucks
Posted by Tony Dow Email User on 24/8/2008, 11:17 am
Hiya I.m Tony Dow who run martins back in the 70's, A friend of mine has sent all the photographs of my vans to the History of Basildon website and I'm hoping they will be published very soon.
I've also read Shirleys articles about her life in Basildon. I should have gone to her and Rays 40th wedding anniversary party today but I've just had a new knee replacement and I could not make it I wish them both all the very best for the future
Tony Dow

Re: Martins Mobile Sales Trucks
Posted by Ian Clarke Email User on 10/10/2008, 8:46 am
I remember a Martins van that parked outside Craylands (Fryerns) School. The driver was called Vic and he still does the same job but drives an orange van (I believe a Rossi). He usually parks at Woodlands School in the afternoon and then rides around Laindon at about 5pm.

Re: Martins Mobile Sales Trucks
Posted by Keith Nock Email User on 12/3/2010, 2:16 pm
hi yes i remember martins i remember ray wilcocks or little ray as everyone knew him by. he worked for them, i worked for tonibell as fitter. they were good old days when you see loads of ice cream vans on road regards keith

42.  Alan Wickens
Posted by Michael Evans Email User on 22/8/2008, 10:21 pm
I have noticed the name of Alan Wickens on this site. If Alan reads this I was wondering if this is the same person I went to France with in the early fifties.

Re: Alan Wickens
Posted by Alan Wickens Email User on 4/10/2008, 10:40 pm
Hi Mick,
Yes it was me who you went to France with. We hitch hike to Paris and then did the same back to Boulogne. We spent three days on the beach near to Boulogne living on pinched spuds, bread and water. The Britsh consul wanted our passports but we said no. We eventually got a boat back to Southend Pier (there was only about one a week in those days). My mum did the best fry-up when we got back I had ever had.

My email adress is: if you want to communincate

Great days!

Speak to you soon (I am on Skype)


43.  Trenham Avenue, Pitsea - does anyone remember..........
Posted by Pat Email User on 22/8/2008, 11:46 pm

44.  Old house at Felmores
Posted by Danny Email User on 5/9/2008, 3:51 pm
Hi does any remember the old house next to northlands lakes in felmores? It was next to a little pond which is still there. I remember climbing in the house when i was younger 1984/86 not to sure would love to no a bit about the house and its history or some pics, all i can remember was it had fireplaces in every room lol. any one out there pleaseeeeeeeee
thanks dan

Re: Old house at Felmores
Posted by Mick Email User on 26/10/2008, 10:05 pm
Hi Danny
sounds to me like the remnants of Felmore Farm.
that had a big old farmhouse. Sorry no pictures

45.  Thanks for the memories & St. Martin's church choir
Posted by Pat Scannell nee Drummond Email User on 7/9/2008, 12:53 am
came upon this web site whilst looking for some information regarding St Martin's church in Basildon where i had sung in the choir in the late 1960's for the Duchess of Kent when i was 10yrs old.

I would just like to say how much i have enjoyed it remembering all my yesterday's and have forwarded the website on to my siblings and old school friends.

Thanks for the happy memories and history.

Re: Thanks for the memories & St. Martin's church choir
Posted by Jess Pearce Email User on 5/6/2009, 1:15 pm
Hi Pat, I too sang in the choir about then. I remember the Reverend Dunlop too. There used to be an old photo in the church where all the choir vestments were kept with me in it. It was there up until 1978, I remember getting a surprise when I saw it, cos I don't remember it being taken. My maiden name then was Higginson. My friend in the choir was Daphne Shales.

46.  Derek Hood
Posted by Michael Healy Email User on 9/9/2008, 8:09 pm
I am trying to contact a gentleman named Derek Hood who lived at 33 Redgrave Road and attended Swan Mead School followed by Woodlands School, which he left in 1967.

I believe that he may have worked at Vange Timber Yard as recently as a few years back, but unfortunatley the premises have been since taken over.

Many Thanks and Regards

47.  Redgrave Road
Posted by Michael Healy Email User on 12/9/2008, 6:27 pm
As part of a my project about Basildon, I am looking to speak to somebody who has lived in the vicinity of REDGRAVE ROAD since the 1950's, or otherwise somebody with a good knowledge of the area - dating back as far as possible.

I am especially interested to find out how the road has changed, in particular the shifting of the house numbers. The 61 Redgrave Road which stands today is not the original 61 Redgrave Road. Can anyone tell me which house on the street was numbered '61' back in the early 50's?

If anybody thinks they may be able to help then please call or email me - Michael - on 07826035620 or

Many Thanks and Regards

48.  Bryon's shop, Windsor Road, Laindon
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 20/9/2008, 12:17 am
Please has anybody any photographs of Byron's Shop on Windsor Hill? Living in Tyler Avenue, Mum sometimes sent either my brother, or me to buy something from this shop and even today, I can see his shop and even his face. He had a Son John who to my knowledge only ever served me the once when the 'Old Man' was ill.

49.  Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Jeanette Spencer Email User on 5/10/2008, 10:01 pm
hello I'm tracing my family history. Does anyone know of/or remember my great aunt Gladys O'Brien who was a teacher at Langdon hills school for 40 years and I believe she was a pupil there herself too

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by J C Ward Email User on 25/11/2008, 10:42 am
Jeanette, I remember Miss O'Brien although she was never my class teacher it was a small school and she was easily recognised by her red hair. I left in 1955 and there are still teachers living in Langdon Hills who were her contemporaries.

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Jeanette Spencer Email User on 14/2/2009, 11:02 pm
Thank you so much for the reply
Do you know who her contemporaries are and how they could be contacted? Do you have any old school photographs with my aunt in them?
Kind regards Jeanette

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 27/2/2009, 3:58 pm
Hi Jeanette, I dont know if this info is any good to you but I lived in Plotlands and there was a teacher who taught at Langdon Hills lived at the bottom of my road. Her name was Mrs Hayball, her husband worked for Toomey Motors when they were in the High Rd. Her daughter went to that school but I dont know where they are now as I now live in Norfolk. Hope this might throw some light on you question. Regards Fred.

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Andrea Email User on 9/3/2009, 7:42 pm
Hi Jeanette
Miss Neville was a teacher at the time as Miss O'Brien - also Miss Wilkinson - both still around. Not sure where Miss Wilkinson lives but she has written a novel recently. Miss Neville became Mrs Hill and she resides in Samuel Road, Langdon Hills.


Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Prince Vulpine Email User on 18/3/2009, 4:57 pm
The Hayballs lived at Grangewood in Beech Hall Gardens and were among the last families to leave the Dunton Plotlands, back at the end of 1984. They moved, I believe, to a new home just off Berry Lane. Mrs Hayball died in the 1990's, I believe. I don't know about her husband.

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Jan Harper Email User on 30/4/2009, 10:11 pm
I was terrified of Miss O'Brien. I don't know why. I was never in her class but my cousin was and she was quite happy with her. I remember her red hair and she always seemed to move around very quickly. I, too, remember Miss Wilkinson and Miss Neville. I think Miss Wilkinson's father also taught at the school. I think we all remember Miss Baker an infant teacher. I was in Mr Richardson's class for two years.

Re: Miss O'Brien - Langdon Hills Primary School
Posted by Isabel Smith [nee Beaney] on 18/9/2010, 10:28 pm
Hi Jeanette, I was in Miss O'Brian's class when I was 10 years old. The year must have been 1951. Yes she did have red hair, also played the mandolin to the kids in the class. I was petrified of her like most of the kids, she used to hit you on the hands with her ruler and smack the boys on the legs. I have two other friends from that era who I am in touch with in the UK and New Zealand. I myself live in South Africa but it's fun to get news of all these people. I think between us, we remember all the teachers in the Primary School.
My two friends and myself started there in 1946 in Miss Wilkinsons class, then to Mrs. Baker, Mr. Walker, Mr. Richardson and a few others besides.
Great memories even if we were frightened of Miss O'Brien!!!! Good searching...

50.  Old Laindon
Posted by Reg the Veg Email User on 11/10/2008, 7:23 pm
I first moved to Laindon in 1970 as a 6 year old boy and just caught the last glimpse of old Laindon and has it changed in the last 30 years, does anyone remember the railway cottages by the bridge the big old houses where the oxcroft estate is now the railway yard all those odd size shops along the high road, the place is unreconisable now to how it was and Laindon is now undergoing another massive change, progress they call it!, and i suppose it is, and i am pleased to have those fond memories of the old place. Reg the veg

Re: Old Laindon
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 14/10/2008, 4:22 pm
Thank you for the memories there Reg. I certainly remember the Railway Cottages, plus a bit more because I was born close to the station in 1946 and spent many hours watching the steam loco's both stopping as most did, plus the odd ones passing through.

Re: Old Laindon
Posted by John Constable Email User on 28/1/2009, 2:18 pm
I remember old Laindon as I was born in 1926 at "Avondale" High Road. Any one recall any of the ATC lads from 1942 -1944. I left and went into FAA. and moved to Chelmsford 1947

Are Pat Roach and Ron Tilley from New Century Road or any other names about. Happy days.

John Constable

Re: Old Laindon
Posted by Geoff Mansfield Email User on 26/6/2009, 10:01 am
I was born in Laindon in 1923. Lived in Sandringham Road until moving to Southend-on-Sea in 1936. Went to school at High Road School. I worked at Laindon station when Mr Sims (Joan's Dad) was Station Master. I remember a Mr. Monk who worked at the 'goods' yard office, and he lived in one of the railway cottages. Other folk working at Laindon station I remember were Sid Cordery, a Mr. Revell and Don Harvey.
I now live in NZ, and have been back to Laindon several times, and I am also amazed at the changes.

51.  Old Hearse
Posted by Vic Wiles on 25/10/2008, 7:26 pm
Does anyone remember a group of teenagers riding about in an old hearse in the early 1960s? I think they came from the Laindon area

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 26/10/2008, 9:25 am
Hi vic i remember a group of rocker guys out of the public bar of the railway hotel pitsea riding around in a black hearse about then. maybe its the same?. i always thought laindon was mod country anyway.----- regards dave oakley.grin.gif

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 26/10/2008, 1:23 pm
Hi Dave, Just had to reply to your message, believe me 99% of the Laindon boys from that era were DEFINATELY ROCKERS & NOT RAGGY BAGGIES!!!!!!!!! no offence meant.

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 27/10/2008, 9:17 am
well fred im certainly glad to hear that.--- regards dave

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 13/11/2008, 10:51 am
Gday Fred wouldnt that have been you and all the lads with that old Daimler you had?, Ken Page

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Fred Rand on 13/11/2008, 12:01 pm
Hi Ken, you hit the nail on the head there cobber!!. Happy days

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Oldtowner on 23/11/2008, 12:13 am
Hiya Vic,

Did/do you live near the Owl & Pussycat and used to do stock car racing?

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Vic Wiles on 23/11/2008, 6:29 pm
Hi Oldtowner
You got it right twice

Re: Old Hearse
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 24/11/2008, 2:29 pm
Hi All just for the record I was the driver of the old hearse all those years ago. A crowd of us bought it from an undertakers in Tilbury, it used to do about 4MPG Yes 4!!! and about 7 on a run. I remember once going to Mallory Park for a race meeting and before we set off I pulled in to Toomeys in the High Rd Laindon and put 42 Gallons in the tank it held 50 and had to put more in to get home. It had a 50hp Daimler sleeve valve engine and pre select gear box, I still have a photo of it. It also made headlines in the Laindon Recorder under the headlines of a bus drivers holiday as I drove on the buses in those days.

52.  "Wild West" in Laindon
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 27/10/2008, 4:26 pm
Can anybody please confirm for me, whether or not that back in the 1950's, there was a 'Wild West' themed carnival like parade along Laindon High Road and with what is known as either a Chuck Wagon, or a wagon like people used to sleep in? I am convinced I never dreamt it, so if anybody can confirm it did actually happen, it would settle my mind.
Thank you.

Re: "Wild West" in Laindon
Posted by John C Ward Email User on 24/11/2008, 1:46 am
Laindon Carnival was a big occasion and we all had great fun. The carnival was often lead by Billy Foyle who dressed as a cowboy with 'guns and holsters', wore a white hat and rode a white horse. There were many local characters involved. (B. Foyle had a private collection of wild animals including lions). I remember floats with cowboys and cow girls and greeks and romans etc. I hope this my be of some help. (please see my response to 'no subject' a few months ago.

Re: "Wild West" in Laindon
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 24/11/2008, 1:01 pm
Nice to see someone remembers the old carnival days in Laindon. I remember them well. one of the floats was provided by Ted Hilburn who had a haulage firm in Laindon. He later on had an old fire engine that was involved in the carnival and all the crew were dressed in period firemans outfits. HAPPY DAYS!!!!

Re: "Wild West" in Laindon
Posted by Peter Hudson Email User on 17/9/2009, 8:21 pm
I remember both billy foyle and ted hillburn my dad used to be a mechanic and worked on their vehicles also terry dove from dove taxis

Re: "Wild West" in Laindon
Posted by Nina Humphrey (nee Burton) Email User on 5/6/2013, 8:06 am
Re: 'Wild West' of Laindon.
The Berry Boys Club "Wagon Train" rolled down Laindon High Road on Saturday 31st October 1959. (I have a copy of the 1959 Laindon Recorder). It was the National Association of Boys' Clubs Week. The procession halted near the Laindon Hotel, journeyed as far as the Winston Club and then returned back down the High Road. Outriders dressed as Cowboys and Indians accompanied the wagon which was led by the "Marshall of Laindon", Mr Fred Nunn.

53.  Seeleys Butchers Vange
Posted by Margaret Hickman Email User on 2/11/2008, 5:31 pm
Have just spent four days with Stella Seeley whose father had the butcher shop in Vange. Does anyone remember it?

Re: Seeleys Butchers Vange
Posted by Vic Wiles on 7/11/2008, 6:48 pm
I remember Jess Seeleys shop in Vange High Road it was next to a grocers called Greens Stores. I also remember Stella being errand boy! Saturdays delivering meat to my mother who always gave her sixpence tip

Re: Seeleys Butchers Vange
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 11/11/2008, 10:34 am
Hi Margaret, Although I did not know any of the Seeleys I do remember a butcher in the next road to me who used to work for them back in the late 50s, his name was Doug Shepherd and he used to live in Arcadian Gardens, Laindon. I know he left the butchering trade and went to work at Fords in Dagenham. The last time I saw him he lived just off Cherrydown in Basildon.

Re: Seeleys Butchers Vange
Posted by Oldtowner on 23/11/2008, 12:10 am

I remember Stella, she used to run 1st Pitsea & Vange Girl Guides down at Riverton Hall in Riverview Drive.

Old Towner

Re: Seeleys Butchers Vange
Posted by Peter Saunders Email User on 4/12/2008, 6:04 pm
Hi Margaret, I worked for Jess Seeley in 1947 and 1948 prior to leaving school, during school holidays and weekends, and at Christmas skinning rabbits plucking turkeys and delivering orders to Vange and Pitsea areas. I lived down the road beside the shop, I think it was called Thamesview Drive. I know the post office was on the other side of the road and Green Stores next door to butchers shop, hope this little bit of info helps. Pete Saunders.

54.  The Incas
Posted by Daphne Day Email User on 4/11/2008, 12:55 pm
Does anyone have a photo of The Incas pop group who played at the Locarno in the 1960's?

55.  A Bedwell & Son, Wash Road, Laindon
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 6/11/2008, 11:59 am
Are there any old A Bedwell & Son workers out there, they traded under the Skipping Girl Logo and were in Wash Road Laindon. I worked there as a van boy back in 1953/4 there were 4 drivers and 4 van boys as well as the warehouse staff, I returned there in 1958 as a driver after serving in the Army for 3 years. would love to know if any old staff are still about.

Re: A Bedwell & Son, Wash Road, Laindon
Posted by Andrea Ash nee Pinnell Email User on 23/12/2008, 8:13 pm
Hi Fred; Just trolling through the messages and noticed your question about Bedwells. Well our old friend Ernie Hawkins used to work for them. Would it have been same time as you? Ernie must be about 71 or so now. Haven't seen him for a while but Chris my husband has spoken to him over the phone; he lives in Brentwood area. Does this help at all? You can email if you prefer.

Re: A Bedwell & Son, Wash Road, Laindon
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 25/12/2008, 8:28 am
Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for replying to my request for info about A Bedwell. Yes I remember Ernie very well he was a van boy at the same time as me. If you get in touch with him again would you please give him my best regards. All the very best for Christmas and the New year. Fred Rand.

56.  Trenham Avenue Twins
Posted by Pat Email User on 8/11/2008, 3:27 pm

57.  Luncies Road Youth Club
Posted by Vic Wiles on 23/11/2008, 7:22 pm
Does anyone out there remember Luncies Road Youth Club in the wooden hut about 1959-1960

Re: Luncies Road Youth Club
Posted by Mike Fruin Email User on 29/3/2009, 12:16 am
I used to go to Luncies youth club in 1955-6. I had a portable record player and the latest 78s - Bill Haley, Elvis Presley etc. I also went to Fryerns, Pitsea school and another youth club off Timberlog lane.
My mates were Johnny Darling, Tony Outen, Jimmy Broomfield and ? Cramp. Happy Days!

Re: Luncies Road Youth Club
Posted by Michael Leigh Email User on 12/6/2009, 2:17 pm
I remember the old wooden hut but never attended the Youth Club. I seem to remember going to a Sunday School there once in the 50's but only attended the once. Certainly went to some jumble sales in the 60's. It was just across the road from where my parents lived. I did attend a youth club in Vange for a while across Timberlog Lane and down a track up the hill towards the town centre. They used to have a Dansette record player with old Everly Brothers 78's etc.

58.  Jimmy Green
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 25/11/2008, 4:30 pm
Gday you blokes, anyone remember Jim Green, had a sister Anne and was the local bobbys son, lived in the old police houses on the Southend Rd, used to ride a brand new Velocette 350 Viper back in 1960?
Any one know where he might be etc, regards from down under Ken Page

59.  Jolly Friar Shops
Posted by Betty Young Email User on 9/12/2008, 12:12 pm
Can anyone tell me if the shops were just originally 8 and where Chucks Bikes starts was added later and what date. if that is the case Please someone help me I am going out of my mind which is not really hard to do
I thought that they were all built together but I am told no. I know that they were all there in 1964 so it would have to have been before that
Thank you very much

Re: Jolly Friar Shops
Posted by Jim Green Email User on 19/1/2009, 2:14 pm
Betty, I came to Basildon in 1960 and lived in Danbury Down, just up from the Jolly Friar shops and I had repairs done to my motor cycle at Chuck's shop in that year. As far as I remember, Chuck's took it over from another business and is not an original business as were the others.

60.  Fobbing Well
Posted by Andrea Ash Email User on 13/12/2008, 5:20 pm
My son is asking directions to the Fobbing Well. Can anyone help please?

Re: Fobbing Well
Posted by Sue Randle Email User on 30/1/2009, 8:19 pm
I always understood that Fobbing Well was at the foot of Lion Hill, on the right as you go down the hill. Buckets of water had to be carried up Lion Hill to the people of Fobbing, not a job I would like to have done!

Re: Fobbing Well
Posted by Andrea Ash Email User on 1/2/2009, 9:06 pm
Sue - thanks for your response and for shedding light on Fobbing Well. Andrea.

Re: Fobbing Well
Posted by Jack Fisher Email User on 1/3/2010, 4:16 pm
I do not remember the Fobbing well but I do remember the Vange well. It stood behind the farm called The Hovals along the A13 along side One Tree Hill woods, west from the Five Bells. It was called the Vange well but it was in the parish of Fobbing. It was a small round building with a dome roof and the well in the middle of the floor. Along side was a long wooden shed were the water was bottled and sold for medicinal perposes. There were rows of bottles on shelves and a big stack of crates at one end full of more bottles. Oh so tempting for a boy with his catapult. The well had been abandoned long before I armed my catapult. It was sold to Epson Salts if my memory is correct.

Re: Fobbing Well
Posted by Jack Fisher Email User on 8/3/2010, 4:23 pm
At the bottom of Lion hill there was a ford but only in the wetter time of the year. As kids we would have to run past here in case a car came along and splashed us. The pond at the side of the road on your left looking to Corringham is only a fraction to what it was. The footpath that goes down past it is still open today. The ford was piped under the road and the road was raised for that to be put in.

61.  Craylands School
Posted by Danny Cleavely Email User on 16/12/2008, 10:27 pm
I left Craylands in 1966. Loved almost every minute there and was very sad to hear they are going to demolish it. I only went back once, in 1995/6 and that was to see my son play football there for his school (Barstable yuk spit) I got bored with the match and went for a walk around the school. I wish I hadnt. It was in a very sad state and E E Haynes would have cried his eyes out. Great school and great memories, I just hope there are some friends on here to share it with. I'd love to hear from anyone that was there 1961-1966

Re: Craylands School
Posted by Tony Barnett Email User on 23/2/2009, 5:56 am
I lived in South View Road near Swan Mead School and played at Craylands I believe. Did it have old Air raid shelter's in the playing fields?

Re: Craylands School
Posted by Jim Cook Email User on 29/4/2009, 10:29 pm
I to went to Craylands School but slightly earlier. I was there from 1956 to 1961. I believe that my first year there was also E.E. Haynes first year as Head Master. I remember that there were "mini riots" in the playground which Mr Haynes sorted out by just standing against the building wall, with some of the other staff, and just letting it run its course. That didn't last long and soon everything calmed down and returned to normal. Didn't have many of them because there was "reaction" on the part of the staff.

Jim Cook

Re: Craylands School
Posted by David Stone Email User on 28/7/2009, 7:10 am
I was at Craylands from 1963- 1968. Remember Haynes well. I think they were good years and the "cane" was used a bit even for "talking in lines" when the prefects sent you up the the main steps, then round to Dickie Davis for "six".
I have lost touch with all my school mates.
Terry Scales was my hero he nearly got into West Ham first team when they went and bought Tommy Taylor.
I can't remember you there Dan you must be a bit older than me.

Re: Craylands School
Posted by Larry Crowley Email User on 29/10/2009, 4:06 am
I was there about '49-'50, the air raid shelter was there then in the field.

Larry (AKA Laurie) Crowley

Re: Craylands School
Posted by Margaret nee Hemmings Email User on 22/9/2010, 5:29 pm
Anyone know the whereabouts of any members of St. Andrews youth group or any pupils when I was there 1961-1966

Re: Craylands School
Posted by Anita Email User on 20/12/2010, 12:14 am
Seems nobody been here for a while. I remember David Stone. I was there the same time. I remember Susan Silkstone, Janice Pratt, Christine Gower and many more. Sad to hear they are demolishing or maybe already have demolished the school. I would av loved a last look around.

62.  Martins Ice Cream Vans and Mobile Shops
Posted by Mike Burchett Email User on 19/12/2008, 12:22 pm
I worked for Tony on the Basildon market burger van for four years on Saturdays while I was a Ford apprentice - it was great! Met loads of people on the market and Tony's way with his customers was second to none. As for Martin's vans, the 'yard' was at Durham Road and I'll never forget the job I got clearing out the walk-in freezers! Hope Tony's well - he was very good to me!

Re: Martins Ice Cream Vans and Mobile Shops
Posted by Tony Dow Email User on 19/12/2008, 11:08 pm
Hiya Mike
How are you my friend, long time no chat I've still got your old passport with a photo of a very young boy on it.
Do you remember that holiday in Spain when you didn't like discos or alcohol. Wait till I tell Yvonne I've spoken with you. Also look on facebook
Regards Tony Dow

Re: Martins Ice Cream Vans and Mobile Shops
Posted by Mike Burchett Email User on 23/12/2008, 9:32 pm
Hi Tony!
Yes, I'm great. I will never forget the Spain holiday - I discovered the photos a few months ago and was explaining it to my kids. In fact, everytime we drive past Salmons Farm I think of all the good times when I was young. Through all the years I've never really had the opportunity to thank you for everything you did for me. Your family had a big influence on my teenage years. As I said, your way with people/customers on the market was inspiration to me. Will check facebook. To see a little of what I'm doing check out Forest Glade F.C. - there's a pic on the U6 page. Mike.

63.  Merry Christmas
Posted by Ken Page Email User on 19/12/2008, 1:38 pm
Gday to everbody on the Basildon history site. Just like to wish all of you in England a very Merry Christmas and a Happy safe and healthy 2009.
I dont miss your weather a bit, but its a little cool here in Victoria Australia at the moment only 18c today, gonna be a good w/end 24/26c, fish are biting m/bikes going good, beers cold ahh such is life, have a good time guys, all the best Ken Page.

Re: Merry Christmas
Posted by Fred Rand Email User on 20/12/2008, 8:16 am
Hi Ken & Family,Have a good one all of you out there,keep the mails coming in 2009.

Re: Merry Christmas
Posted by Brian Baylis Email User on 20/12/2008, 11:09 pm
I too would like to wish everybody visiting this website a Very Merry Christmas and Properous, as well as Happy New Year.

By the way Ken, when you start to shiver, we will be sweating it out back here in the Good Old UK.happy.gif

Re: Merry Christmas
Posted by Dave Oakley Email User on 23/12/2008, 10:54 am
A very merry christmas and a happy new year from sunny south australia (31c here for christmas day) not much chance of snow im afraid (hehehehe)
all the best everyone--- dave o.grin.gif

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