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2013 Forum Threads - January to June

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2013 entries
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01) Winter of 1963 - 6 replies.
02) Pitsea coal merchant Jack Bonarius
03) Carey
04) DC Jeakins
05) Basildon Carnival
06) Bob Keeble
07) Ernie
1.  Winter 0f 1963
Posted by keith nock Email User on 22/1/2013, 11:22 am
hi does anyone remember winter of 63 i was 13 and living in bungalow on a127 near flyover i was at laindon high rd school i remember massive snow drifts at fortune of war and wash rd it seemed to last such a long time

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by Brian Slaughter Email User on 31/1/2013, 4:52 am
Keith i think i have the year right, but can remember a very cold winter, and as you say the snow seemed to last for ever, and another thing i remember, was sitting outside enefors cafe, it was a bitter cold afternoon, and nobody was on the roads as they were frozen solid, and it was difficult to stand up, and a motor bike broke the silence, and we could not believe it as Dennis Hyatt came along on his bike, how he stayed on i shall never know, they were mad days, but wonderful days

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by keith nock on 31/1/2013, 9:56 am
hi brian yes it did seem to drag on for months what a small world i remember dennis hyatt from prince of wales his mum and dad owned it for long time my mum worked for them also met up with dennis in the 1980s i was working for tonibell ice cream and dennis set up workshop in our yard what a nice bloke always remember german shepherd he had with him everyday. he had a brother peter we had many drinking sessions in pow

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by Brian Slaughter Email User on 1/2/2013, 5:08 am
Hi Keith, yes Dennis was from the POW pub, and i had forgot about the dog, yes you are right he was a good bloke, did not know Peter at all, but remember Dennis had a Matchless bike, have you any idea what happened to Dennis? although i would not have seen Dennis for nearly fifty years, wow, a long time, but would still know him for sure

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by keith nock on 1/2/2013, 11:43 am
hi brian last i heard he lived in hullbridge last time i saw him he had workshop in luckyn lane where the old spongs factory was but i heard he was into metal detectors and made great find and has retired

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by Alan Email User on 3/2/2013, 10:37 pm
Started work at the Shell Haven Refinery 27th December 1962 had to walk to Pitsea from St Leonards Avenue north end of Rectory Road to catch a bus from outside Century Cinema a No 2...if you missed it a no 2B followed. Busses were full when no standing room left on open rear platform fortunately good traction due to a good load but five Bells roundabout always a challenge and was usual to give the Bus a shove around!...Happy day's lots of banter on the bus and most likely the worst snow I can remember through to 1963 although did have some heavy snow in 1985 but did not last so long.

Re: Winter 0f 1963
Posted by Andrea Email User on 7/3/2013, 8:26 pm
About the Hyatts; we have seen Peter (with Ernie Hawkins) at the Dunton Plotlands summer get togethers run by Audrey and Leonard Carter. Regarding that snow in 1963, we had been married a year and living in Westcliff. I certainly recall making my way to work in London - the trek to Westcliff Station from Claremont Road; I lost all my dignity slipping over on the ice so many times - not cool for a "smart" twenty year old!

2.  Pitsea coal merchant Jack Bonarius
Posted by Pat Young Email User on 12/2/2013, 9:00 pm
I wonder if anyone recalls any stories they may have heard from their parents or grandparents about Jack Bonarius who was a coal merchant in Pitsea from 1924-1935? He committed suicide in 1935 in a bungalow which he was building in his spare time so I imagine that was probably the 'drama' of the year for that sleepy backwater.

3.  Carey
Posted by Andrea (nee Pinnell) Email User on 20/2/2013, 7:46 pm
Is there anyone who could supply me with any details regarding ALF and BLANCHE Carey, last known living in Berry Lane with daughters Dorothy and Daphne, thanks, Andrea.

4.  DC Jeakins
Posted by Brian Slaughter Email User on 23/3/2013, 5:47 am
I started work for Derek Jeakins in 1964, and my first truck was a Ford long nose 4D, with a crash box, but i loved the job, sometimes, and there were a good load of blokes working there, sadly a lot are not with us now. I changed jobs between Jeakins and Hillburns transport, for a few years, don't know who were the worst to work for, but it was hard work and long hours but they were part of Laindon Transport, good days, and long ones

5.  Basildon Carnival
Posted by Ronnie Email User on 8/4/2013, 11:53 pm
Hey people
my mum who grew up in laindon, victoria rd is looking for the old carnival photos from 1969 onwards. if anyone knows where to find them would be really appreciative of any information.

6.  Bob Keeble
Posted by bob keeble on 13/4/2013, 6:37 pm
anybody remember me bob keeble nutty from pitsea or laindon i would love to hear from some old friends and maybe catchup on some old memories here's hoping bob alias nutty

7.  Ernie
Posted by john Email User on 20/4/2013, 6:01 pm

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