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Guestbook Posts: 2010

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Tuesday December 28, 2010 09:44:26 am My Website Link Email
Name: David White
Town/Country: East Preston, Australia
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Hello, I have been searching for a lass who went to school with me at Preston East High in the early 1970's. Her name was Lisa Hindly (or Hindley) & she lived at Middle Crockerford Vange Basildon Essex. I have a letter from her (1975 30 Dec) where she says she visits the Prohibition. If anyone knows her I would love to make contact again. Regards Dave White (now in Sunbury Victoria)

Editor: The website link with this entry no longer resolves.
Friday December 24, 2010 01:06:13 am Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: I would like to wish not only the Webmaster, but also Every visitor to this Wonderful website, A Very Merry Christams, and a Very Happy New Year for 2011.

Let's see a LOT More visitors in 2011 as well?
Thursday December 2, 2010 16:11:06 pm Email
Name: mr j phillips
Town/Country: wickford essex
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: i have just seen your book "a portrait of basildon plotlands" the enduring portrait..i have some information about the top photo on the front cover. It was called "Hope Cottage" and it was owned and occupied by my aunt mrs blanche dunbar. I am now 68 yrs old, and used to come and stay there in the school holidays from the age of 10.
i used to live in the east end so it was wonderful to be in the country.
when it rained the unmade road was a sea of mud. towards the end the cottage started to crack up, probably because of vibration from steam trains that ran alongside.
mrs dunbar eventually moved with her daughter and son in law to a new house in basildon. mrs dunbar died a few years ago aged 104
hope this might be helpful jim phillips
Tuesday November 2, 2010 14:14:40 pm Email
Name: Jim Green
Town/Country: Cyprus
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: I lived in Basildon from 1960 to 2003. I worked as a Postman, Welder at Gilbarco's, Smith's Engine Service, Yardley's, Benchsound Engines in Stanford le Hope. Lived in Gladwyns, Lee Chapel North for 39 years. Now living in Famagusta, Cyprus with wife Pat.
Would love to hear from anybody who knows us.
Monday October 4, 2010 12:51:54 pm Email
Name: Peter Clamp
Town/Country: Sydney, Australia
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: I was born in Orchid Crescent, Pitsea on 3rd January 1947 during a severe snowstorm. I moved to 29 Northlands Drive, Pitsea before the end of 1947 and lived there with my mother, father and my 2 brothers, Mike and Geoff Clamp until about April 1957. Across the road from us in 30 Northlands Drive lived Arthur and Olga Cruse and family, Steve, Rosemary, Robin, Marion and David. Northlands Drive was a quagmire for much of the year, made worse by numerous gas leaks; I remember the smell of the gas bubbling up through the mud and water and the gas lamp near our house. There were tall elm trees lining the road which were sadly cut down by hand(!) during the early 50's ravaged by Dutch elm disease. A pathway, back alley or back passage led to Timberlog lane near the railway line and I remember walking on my own at around the age of 7 or 8 to the dentist. Children roamed free in those days. Many times we walked to the Willow Pond to fish or try to fish and it seemed huge, Is it still there? I hope so.
Pitsea Market on Saturday in Station Lane was a must. Bowers United played in the field opposite our house behind the mock tudor Railway Hotel. I like the mock tudor shops, pity there were not more of them. We may have lived in what was officially classified as a rural slum but for children it was a great place to live and play creatively. There was a social cohesion in Pitsea pre Basildon New Town that has been hard to replicate and in hindsight from a social point of view, I think it was a big mistake to completely dislocate and destroy the existing community and Pitsea has never really recovered despite the hard work from some current residents.
The local fish and chip shop in the High street served brilliant fare. Southend Day tripper coaches at the Railway Hotel full of inebriated revellers, horse drawn milk floats, cars getting stuck in Northlands Drive bogs. Church services in Pitsea Church on the hill, now just a mobile phone tower. Says it all really but they say that's progress.
Thursday September 9, 2010 19:31:06 pm Email
Name: Mark Robinson
Town/Country: Basildon
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: Brilliant site.
Wednesday September 8, 2010 16:18:56 pm Email
Name: Toni Tuohy
Town/Country: Basildon
How I got here: Other
Comments: Fascinating site, i was just looking for info and pic's from felmore's history especialy land around the lake's felmores farm as it was called. If anyone can help let me know.
Friday August 13, 2010 14:58:02 pm Email
Name: Anne Jones (nee Parker)
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Hi I was born in Pitsea in 1953. Lived in the prefabs in Cromwell Gardens. Then when they were demolished moved to Delhi Road. Attended Pitsea School and then Fryerns. Left the area in 1973 after I was married at St. Gabriels Pitsea. Lovely to look at the old photos, it brings back so many memories. Does anyone else remember the prefabs?
Saturday August 7, 2010 23:15:39 pm Email
Name: Mike Harris
Town/Country: Chelmsford
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I was Born at 17 Northlands Drive Pitsea on the 23 September 1946 My dad Manny Harris was once captain of Bowers United Football Club and my mum Ruby Harris was a teacher at Pitsea School where both I and my dad were pupils as were his eight brothers and sisters. We left Pitsea in 1959 after compulsary purchase as did most of my dad's family but would love to hear from old aquaintances.
Tuesday July 13, 2010 10:34:19 am Email
Name: nadine bunn
Town/Country: brittany france
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: bonjour, is there anyone out there who can remember me? i lived in laindon for most of my life, and am trying to find any person who remembers me. i went to markhams chase school in the mid fifties and then on to laindon high road until the age of 14, i am now sixty one. my best friend was christine kemp who had a sister called sandra i used to live on the pound lane estate in fonteyn close, then moved to the king edward road area. and am now living in france it would be good if there is anyone who knows me.
Tuesday June 15, 2010 18:09:40 pm Email
Name: Leonard Boret
Town/Country: Bracknell, Berkshire
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Attended Langdon Hills Primary 1940 to 1946 and then Laindon High Road until 1950. Lived in langdon hills, remember sticky bombs dropped in the cow fields, v1 in vowler road when on way home from Radion cinema. Teachers:- mr Radford, Mr mrs Lee, lovely art teacher who took us for dancing after lessons. Mr Lang, can't remember the others except for Mr Woodward the last headmaster. All my 4 sisters and one brother also attended. Happy days.
Saturday June 5, 2010 20:12:32 pm Email
Name: Isabel Smith [nee Beaney]
Town/Country: South Africa
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: This site has really increased since I last saw it. If there is anyone who knew my family when we lived in Langdon Hills from the early 1940's to 1958 it would be interesting to get news. I particularly would like to know of Pat Card who lived in Shelley Avenue and Wendy Darke who lived in Lincewood Park Drive.
I went to Langdon Hills Primary School and Laindon High Road [left in 1957]
Monday April 5, 2010 22:05:33 pm Email
Name: Bob Britnell
Town/Country: Canterbury UK
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I was looking for any images I could find of Staceys Corner, Timberlog Lane and found this site as a 2007 post referred to the Stacey's shop at the bottom end of Long Riding.

I moved in to a plot land bungalow in Timberlog Lane, 10 days after I was born in 1949, we lived opposite my grandparents bungalow which was where Chittock Gate now is, my grandparents were Mr and Mrs E G G Stacey, and they ran a small business from their home, selling coal, wood, paraffin, vegetables etc. Stacey's Corner was the corner in Timberlog Lane where the road turned to go down to what became Barstable Grammar School; the road straight on towards Fryerns Grammar School was much later. The Staceys in the shops were unrelated to us, pure coincidence.

My mother Peggy Stacey was born in Basildon in 1921, married my dad in 1946 and moved back in 1949.

We lived in the corner bungalow until my parents were bought out in the 1970s for a road widening of Timberlog Lane, it never happened and finally they built houses on the land.

I had two brothers, Fred born 1947, Rory born 1951 and we all were paperboys in our time, at Martin's newsagents next door to Stacey's hardware shop; we all went to Fryerns Grammar and Technical School.

My great great uncle Percy Edgar Hocking was responsible in the late 1890s - early 1900s for laying out the plots of land in the Vange Hills Estate as it was then known and he, my great grandparents and my great great grandparents are all buried at All Saints Church, Vange.


There are still Staceys in the south Essex area, some in Basildon.
Sunday February 28, 2010 13:39:56 pm Email
Name: Charles J Fisher (Jack)
Town/Country: Retford, Notts
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: I was born in Vange in 1938 in a road called Bellevue Drive in a house/shack called Charmain. I was nine months old when my family moved to Moores Ave off the Fobbing high Rd just the other side of the railway crossing at the Five Bells. I worked as a projectionist in the then Century cinema in Pitsea and at the A B C cinema in Basildon. I was the one that put the first pictures on the screens at the A B C and the last one in the Century cinema. I have been looking for a film of the 1930 Pitsea and Vange carnival. Taken from off the canopy of the then Broadway cinema. I can remember a lot of what Basildon was like including the war years. I have been writing my memoirs down if you are interested I will E-mail you a copy. Reading these have brought back a lot of loving memories. Keep up the good work.
Tuesday January 19, 2010 09:21:14 am Email
Name: Maureen Harris nee Tolfrey
Town/Country: Adelaide Australia
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: Moved to Pound Lane, Pitsea in 1960 and worked at Arrow Shirts (Sales Office) or Cluett Peabody & Co. Ltd. in Benfleet (opposite Tarpots) for six years, where I met my husband. Is there anyone out there who remembers and or worked there in that time. I worked and became friends with a Joyce O'Nions who was my bridesmaid when I married. Also working there: George Hill, Tony Virgo, John Pannett and a lovely girl called Daphne who married a cricketer named Dave Clark. Many others of course whose names I cannot recall. Moved to Basildon - Grimston Rd as a new married. Husband, Laurie Harris, being a Basildon boy. Look forward to any info.
Sunday January 10, 2010 19:47:51 pm Email
Name: roy cox
Town/Country: pitsea
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: born in 1954. Went to pitsea infant and junior then chalvedon when built new.
Know lots of old pitsea.
Anyone who remembers the good old days would love to hear.
Friday January 1, 2010 23:07:49 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Brian Baylis
Town/Country: Norfolk
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and I am the last & first again this year. lol!
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