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Guestbook Posts: 2011

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Wednesday December 7, 2011 15:57:32 pm My Website Link Email
Name: Ian Clarke
Town/Country: Basildon - UK
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Fantastic site. It is this site that made me want to start a group to discuss old Basildon things and this has now turned into a very popular group. so thanks for that. keep up the good work.
Many people have found their old friends and haunts on the Basildon Memories facebook group and if anyone wants to come along and have a look then you are more than welcome
Basildon Memories Facebook Group
Wednesday October 5, 2011 11:14:04 am Email
Name: Bob Gray
Town/Country: London
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: I am looking for information on George Rutt shown as a farmer at Moat House Farm, Basildon, Essex in 1901.
He was married to Ellen Whiteshead nee Freeman.
Monday October 3, 2011 17:17:18 pm Email
Name: David Titchen
Town/Country: Vange.. Basildon
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I am trying to contact a Mr Bill Ordnance House Vange..anybody knows him can they pass on my email address.. Thank you.
Wednesday September 14, 2011 12:04:20 pm Email
Name: Sue Collingwood
Town/Country: Pitsea
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I am looking for any relatives of George Moore who farmed the land at Moat House Farm back in the early 1920's. George Moore is my maternal great grandfather but my mother only has a few vague memories of him. I would love to hear from anyone with any connections to George Moore as I would like to research my family history.
Thursday July 14, 2011 12:19:51 pm Email
Name: Kay Laney
Town/Country: Suffolk, England
How I got here: Another Website Link
Comments: Today is my day off and I have loads to do, but I stumbled on this page hours ago and am hooked. Moved to Roodegate around 1970, then to Broomfields in Pitsea, then lived in Rising Grove and Ayletts before leaving for village life!! Both my children were born in Basildon, and I will never forget playing Charlie's Angels over Gloucester Park when I was around 7/8!! Schooled at Ghyllgrove then Woodlands, didn't do too bad as now a detective in the police. Have fond memories of the town, all my family still there so I still visit.
Saturday May 21, 2011 19:59:26 pm Email
Name: Bill Whitfield
Town/Country: Beccles, Suffolk
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: I joined Midland Bank in Southernhay, Basildon in 1959 as a junior clerk. Frank Schofield was the Manager. We had sub branches at 72 High Road, Laindon and Ordnance House, High Road, Pitsea. The clerk in charge at the sub offices travelled daily by taxi to Pitsea and by bus to Laindon from the parent branch. He had a guard for company and the cash and was carried in a gladstone bag strapped to his wrist. He also carried a truncheon and police whistle.

The Laindon branch was rented from Mrs. Attenborrow, who used to make us tea and walk round with it on a tray, usually accompanied by home made cake or biscuits.

The Pitsea office was in the front room of Ordnance House which stood in a large garden. We had running water but no proper lavatory; just a chemical toilet. One of the guard's weekly duties was to dig a hole in the garden to empty the contents. We paid him 2/6d out of the till.

How times have changed.
Friday April 22, 2011 03:52:19 am
Name: Helen Hoffbauer
Town/Country: Maidstone, Kent
How I got here: Just Surfed In
Comments: I lived in Bardfield, Vange (Basildon) from 1964 until 1983. I went to St. Teresa's RC primary (when Sister Rita was the rather formidable headmistress), then Woodlands comp and left the 6th form in 1982.
I haven't been back for over ten years and that was just for the day and am amazed by the many changes in recent years.
It's been interesting to read other people's recollections of the town, my favourite haunt was 'The Arts Centre' (which became the 'Towngate Theatre') in the late seventies and early eighties, it had a great atmosphere and I learned pottery there as a teenager. Although the female 'life drawing' model, surrounded by middle aged men masquerading as 'artists' used to cause me some anxiety.
I also loved Westleigh Heights park.
Tuesday March 15, 2011 17:28:18 pm Email
Name: Gerry Ward
Town/Country: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
How I got here: Search Engine
Comments: Born in Laindon (The Nook, Pound Lane) in 1947.

Moved to Scotland later that year before returning to Basildon in 1954 where I lived until December 1974 when I emigrated to Canada.

Went to Fryerns-Grammar Technical School, worked for Ford at Dunton.

Basildon Councillor for three years before coming to Canada.

Still miss the old town and my friends.
Friday March 4, 2011 14:21:47 pm Email
Name: Steve Grimsey
Town/Country: Cambridgeshire
How I got here: Regular Visitor
Comments: My family moved to Basildon in 1960, lived in Butneys when it was being built, we had a corner house with a big garden i think it was no 14.
I remember growing up there and i was always over Gloucester park (green hill we used to call it) near a square man made lake (pond).
me and my youngest sisters used to swim in it.
I ended up in Ghyllgrove junior school and then Nicholas as it used to be called.
I worked at Ffordes camera shop and got married in St. Martins in the town centre.
Some of my family still live around the area but i moved to Cambridgeshire in 1987.
I would love to hear from anyone of that era.
someone may remember my sisters Jenifer, Carol, Jean, (Grimsey)
Great site lots of great pictures, brings back alsorts of memories good and bad,
I will have to make a visit back soon !!!
Sunday January 23, 2011 15:28:28 pm Email
Name: barrie tatam
Town/Country: attleborough
How I got here: Occasional Visitor
Comments: barrie tatam from curbstone blues band
good times have been had in basildon wickford and pitsea railway hotel in 1967-1980
Saturday January 15, 2011 10:20:39 am Email
Name: lynne poultney
Town/Country: basildon essex
How I got here: Another Website Link
Comments: find basildons history very interesting its a pity that more of basildons older buildings could not have been saved the mineral well looks bad thank you
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