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Langdon Hills
A.J. Padgett & Son Ltd.

Alfred John Padgett, photographer, of Leigh-on-Sea produced an extensive collection of topographical postcards from Essex towns and villages covering the period from 1897 to around 1937. He was later joined in the business by his son Alan, running a stationers at 1 Station Parade, Leigh-on-Sea. Many of Padgett's glass negatives are held at Southend Museum and copies are also held at the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford.

There bulk of the collection appear in two series numbered 23xx and 31xx.

Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
 2363B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
 2364B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Laindon From Langdon Hills2365B/W c.1920sHigh Road properties visibleThe 'Haven', Series.
High Road, Langdon Hill2366B/W c.1920sPark Lodge view from the High Road.The 'Haven', Series. A.J. Padgett Son, Leigh-on-Sea.
The Post Office, Langdon Hill2367B/W c.1920sView of the post office with horse and cart.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
View From The Crown Hotel, Langdon Hill2368B/W c.1920sView down crown hill single man standing in the road further down.Portrait view.
 2369B/W c.1920s  
St. Mary The Virgin And All Saints, Langdon Hills2370B/W c.1920sClose angled view of the church seen from the road.Portrait view.
St. Mary The Virgin And All Saints, Langdon Hills2371B/W c.1920sAngled view of the church seen from the road.No publisher credit examples.
St. Mary The Virgin And All Saints, Langdon Hills2372B/W  Church interiorPortrait view. Padgett's Haven Series.
Langdon Hills Old Church From The Road2374B/W c.1920sView of the church seen from the road.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea.
Langdon Hills Old Church2375B/W c.1920sChurchyard view of St. Mary & All Saints.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. Some examples have upside down lettering on rear.
See Laindon2376B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
See Laindon2377B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
See Laindon2378B/W    
View from Railway Bridge, Laindon2379B/W  Laindon station goods shed and properties in Northumberland Avenue and Salisbury Avenue. 
See Laindon2380B/W    
See Laindon2381B/W    
The Stores, Laindon2382B/W  Schofield and Martin's shop at Nightingale Parade. 
Baptist Chapel, Laindon2383B/W  Baptist church and shops at Nightingale Parade.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
See Laindon2384B/W    
Laindon2386B/W  High Road properties in Langdon Hills.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
 2387B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
 2388B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
View From "Crown Hotel" Langdon Hills2389B/W  View down Crown Hill.Padgett's "Haven" Series. Some examples unnumbered to right side of front view.
Crown Hill, Langdon Hills2389B/W  Similar but later view to above example.Possible index mistake with this example.
 2390B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
 2391B/W   Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Laindon2392B/W c.1920sDetached house Albany, detached bungalow Beulah and T. Robinson's Doll's Hospital.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Langdon Hills Church2393B/W c.1920sSt. Mary's & All Saints south view from the High Road.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Also exists a postmarked 1926 example in sepia tone, unnumbered, no publisher credit and identical caption to top left corner.
Langdon Hills Church From The Woods2394B/W  Angled view of the church through the trees.Portrait view. Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Old School House, Langdon Hills2395B/W  The former Langdon Hills school.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
The "Crown" Hotel, Langdon Hills2396B/W  Angled front view of the Crown. 
Oxford Street, Langdon Hills2397B/W  Oxford Street track, now Lee Chapel Lane.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
Springtime in the Woods, Langdon Hills2399B/W  The woods at Langdon Hills.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
High Road, Langdon Hills2463B/W c.1920sShops opposite Vowler Road inc. Moorcroft's. 
Laindon3139B/W c.1910sHigh Road shops either side of Osborne Road inc. Cottis bakery. 
High Road, Laindon3140B/W c.1920sView towards station, Avondale Tea Room. 
Laindon3141B/W  High Road, Langdon Hills in the direction of Laindon Station. Man standing in road. 
Nightingale Parade, Langdon Hill3142B/W  Shops, Baptist church and other buildings in High Road, Langdon Hills. 
Laindon3143B/W  High Road junction with Berry Lane, H.E. Bebbington estate agents office. 
Nightingale Avenue, Laindon3146B/WPadgett Houses and bungalows to east side only.Laindon postmark July 1931. Padgett's "Haven" Series - Copyright.
Dry Street, Laindon3147B/W c.1910sFormer Red Cow public house turned off License. The Old Hornchurch Brewery's Ale etc. signboard to front of building. 
Langdon Hill4094B/W c.1920sHigh Road view of Park Avenue and Park Lodge.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
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