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Langdon Hills
Bell's Photo Co. Ltd.

Bell's produced many photographic views from Langdon Hills.

The collection appears in a series numbered 58xxx, which is also used for some Laindon views, and 59xxx. Another series of later views has six digits beginning at 124xxx and 143xxx.

Langdon Hills.
Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
Langdon HillsNo.2489B/WBell'sc.1950sOld Church Hill, church can be seen in the distance.Bell graphic inscribed 'A Bell Photo' between 'Post' and 'Card'.
Berry Lane Corner, Langdon Hills58828B/W c.1910sHigh Road junction with Berry Lane pre Bebington's office. 
 58829B/W c.1910s  
 58830B/W c.1910s  
 58831B/W c.1910s  
 58832B/W c.1910s  
 58833B/W c.1910s  
 58834B/W c.1910s  
 58835B/W c.1910s  
 58836B/W c.1910s  
High Road, Langdon Hills58837B/W c.1910sProperties either side of High Road inc. Baptist Church and Nightingale Parade. 
 58838B/W c.1910s  
Laindon58839B/W c.1910sSissinghurst and Lyndhurst. John Frith, house and land agent sign. 
Laindon Station58840B/W c.1910sThe station at Laindon prior to 1933 when the island platform was created. 
 58841B/W c.1910s  
 58842B/W c.1910s  
 58843B/W c.1910s  
 58844B/W c.1910s  
Langdon Hills School58845B/W c.1910sLangdon Hills school with thatched roof. 
Langdon Hills Old Church58875B/W c.1920sView facing front wall and gate, church in background. 
High Road, Langdon Hills59250B/W c.1920sLyndhurst and Sissinghurst and other High Road properties. 
 59251B/W c.1920s  
 59252B/W c.1920s  
 59253B/W c.1920s  
 59254B/W c.1920s  
 59255B/W c.1920s  
Nightingale Mission Hall, Langdon Hills59256B/W c.1907The Mission Hall. 
High Road, Langdon Hills59257B/W c.1920sHigh Road, Langdon Hills properties approaching Laindon Station. 
Langdon Hills Church59451B/W c.1920sSt. Mary's & All Saints church.Portrait view.
 59452B/W c.1920s  
 59453B/W c.1920s  
Langdon Hills59454B/W c.1920sHigh trees bare section of High Road, Langdon Hills. 
 59455B/W c.1920s  
The Crown, Langdon Hills59456B/W c.1920sCrown Hotel public house. 
Catholic Church of St. Teresa, Laindon112402B/W c.1920sWhite wooden clad church in the High Road between Alexander Road and St. David's Road.Bell graphic on rear.
The Langdon Hills124920B/W c.1920sView (possibly) from Crown Meadow.Real Photo Series.
 124921B/W c.1920s  
 124922B/W c.1920s  
Langdon Hills124923B/W c.1920sThe old school house with thatched roof.Printed in Great Britain.
 124924B/W c.1920s  
Hall Woods, Langdon Hills124925B/W c.1920sDrinking fountain on a concrete plinth on the edge of woodland.No publisher credit example. REAL PHOTO - BRITISH MADE
 124926B/W c.1920s  
 124927B/W c.1920s  
 124928B/W c.1920s  
 124929B/W c.1920s  
 124930B/W c.1920s  
 124931B/W c.1920s  
Langdon Hills Church124932B/WBell'sc.1920sSt. Mary's & All Saints church.Bell's Photo Co. Ltd., Westcliff-on-Sea. Real Photo Series.
 124933B/W c.1920s  
The Font & War Memorial. Langdon Hills Church124934B/W c.1920sClose up view of the font and war memorial. The rector of St. Mary's church, Rev. Gordon J.H. Llewellyn can be made out on the plaque.No publisher credit example.
 124935B/W c.1920s  
Dry Street, Langdon Hills124936B/W c.1920sThe former Red Cow public house. 
 124937B/W c.1920s  
 124938B/W c.1920s  
 124939B/W c.1920s  
 124940B/W c.1920s  
 124941B/W c.1920s  
 124942B/W c.1920s  
View from High Road, Langdon Hills124943B/W c.1920sLooking towards thatched bungalow and post office.This is a Real Photograph.
 124944B/W c.1920s  
 124945B/W c.1920s  
 124946B/W c.1920s  
Dry Street, Langdon Hills124947B/W c.1920sFormer Red Cow public house now Dry Street Post Office, general store and tea room. Brick built post box to left side of house. Various advertising boards inc. one for Harrington's Mineral Waters.This is a Real Photograph.
Langdon Hills124948B/W c.1920sHigh Road junction with Dry Street. Large white signpost with two arms. Vehicle, registration mark VE 9902, (possibly photographers car) parked. Crown Hotel can be glimpsed in background.This is a Real Photograph.
Berry Lane, Laindon143750B/W c.1920sTop view of Berry Lane which is now made up.Bell graphic B P Co. Ltd.
Berry Lane, Laindon143751B/W c.1920sBerry Lane at the Alexander Road junction looking up. 
 143752B/W c.1920s  
 143753B/W c.1920s  
 143754B/W c.1920s  
 143755B/W c.1920s  
 143756B/W c.1920s  
 143757B/W c.1920s  
 143758B/W c.1920s  
 143759B/W c.1920s  
High Road, Laindon143760B/W c.1920sView approaching Laindon Station from High Road, Langdon Hills.Bell graphic B P Co. Ltd.
 143761B/W c.1920s  
 143762B/W c.1920s  
High Road, Laindon143763B/W c.1920sHigh Road looking downwards towards the school. 
All Good Christmas Wishes from LaindonunnumberedB/W--c.1915Snow on house Christmas scene with inset view of St. Mary's and All Saints Church.Portrait view taken from Bell's 59451. Also St. Nicholas Church Laindon example (Bell's 59430). No publisher credit.
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