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Padgett's series of Pitsea area postcards mainly date from around the 1930s onwards. The majority of views, as with the Bell's series, are concentrated along London Road, High Road, Pitsea Broadway, Rectory Road and St. Michael's Church. These examples mainly appear in either the 23xx or 26xx numbering sequence.

Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
St. Michael's Church, Pitsea2302B/WPadgett View from the adjacent field of St. Michael's church. 5 children gathered around a style at the top of the field.The 'Haven', Series. A.J. PADGETT & Son Leigh-on-Sea
Pitsea, Essex2311B/WPadgett View from church hill looking down on Station Lane and Riviera Avenue bungalows. 
St. Michael's Church, Pitsea2321B/WPadgett Interior view of St. Michael's Church. 
St. Michael's Church, Pitsea2322B/WPadgett Closer view than 2302 of St. Michael's church. 
The old Rectory, Pitsea2323B/WPadgett Front garden view of the old rectory. 
The old Rectory, Pitsea2324B/WPadgett The old rectory seen from Rectory Road.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea.
View from the hill, Pitsea2326B/WPadgett View from the hill.BRITISH MADE. No publisher credit.
View from Pitsea hill2334B/WPadgett View from the hill. 
Great Chalvedon Hall, Pitsea2632B/WPadgett1930sDistant view of Chalvedon Hall.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
 2633B/WPadgett 1930sPadgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
Burnt Mill Hill, Pitsea2634B/WPadgett1930sBurnt Mills Road. Farm to the right of road.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
Brackendale Av., Pitsea2649B/WPadgett1930sBungalow views from Brackendale Avenue.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
Station Rd. Corner, Pitsea2655B/WPadgett1930sStation Lane looking towards the war memorial and the Railway Hotel.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
View from Church Hill, Pitsea2657B/WPadgett1930sView looking towards the Broadway across Howard's field.Padgett's "Haven" Series.
The "Broadway" Cinema, Pitsea2659B/WPadgett1930sThe Broadway cinema then showing Such is the Law which was an early talking British film released in 1930 and Paradise Island, made the same year.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea-Copyright
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