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Bell's Photo Co. Ltd.

Bell's series of Vange area postcards dates from around 1910 onwards with the majority of views concentrated along London Road, High Road, Timerlog Lane (now Clay Hill Road), Bull Road (Gales Corner) and All Saints Church.

The earliest views are in the 59xxx and 99xxx numbering sequences. Later examples have six digits beginning 131xxx to 131149; possibly increasing.

Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
Vange59281B/W c.1910sH.C. English shop and terrace row.BRITISH MADE
Vange59284B/W c.1910sTwo semi-detached houses obscured by trees to right side of track.BRITISH MADE
Vange59290B/W c.1920sView around 1920 of the High Road with a long terrace and two detached properties in the distance. 
Vange, The Schools79550B/W  Vange Council School. Early view of the school following the extension. 
Vange - Painters Hill79551B/W c.1925View looking up Painters Hill. 
Vange Church81702B/W  Front view of All Saints Church.REAL PHOTO BRITISH MADE
Old Barge Inn, Vange99491B/WBell's Left side and front facing view of the Barge public house.Bell graphic on rear - The Bell Series.
 99492B/WBell's  Bell graphic on rear - The Bell Series.
Toc H Lamp, Vange Church99493B/WBell's Interior view of a Toc H lamp at Vange church.Bell graphic on rear - The Bell Series.
A Country Scene, Vange99530B/WBell's A style between a high hedge and a field beyond.No publisher credit.
Timber Log Lane, Vange99534B/WBell's Early view of Timberlog Lane without pathway. 'Cars for Hire' sign affixed to a tree. 
Clay Hill, Vange99536B/WBell's Clay Hill looking down towards Vange. 
Roman Catholic Church, Vange99541B/WBell's Interior Roman catholic church in London Road, Vange. 
Painters Hill, Vange99543B/WBell'sc.1925Painters Hill and the new A13 by-pass. 
Lovers Lane, Vange99545B/WBell's Unmade road, a single telegraph pole can be seen to the right of the road.Bell graphic on rear - The Bell Series.
Vange Church99547B/WBell's View from the churchyard of All Saints church seen through the trees.REAL PHOTO BRITISH MADE
Vange99548B/WBell'sc.1930sLondon Road view of Bishop's garage in the direction of the Barge. 
Hillcrest View, Vange131033B/WBell'sc.1930sBungalows either side of Hillcrest View.B P C Ltd.
Bells Corner, Vange131034B/WBell'sc.1930sShops at Bells Corner Parade: Harold E. Phelps and the Mimosa Cafe.No publisher credit examples.
High Road, Vange131090B/WBell's Saunders record bakery, shops and houses in the High Road. 
Timberlog Lane, Vange131096B/WBell's Timberlog Lane, paved either side.REAL PHOTO BRITISH MADE
Clay Hill, Vange131099B/WBell's Top of hill view looking down towards Church Road. Cyclist riding towards summit with houses to the right of view. 
Fobbing Road, Vange131123B/WBell's Fobbing Road, Vange. 
Five Bells Corner, Vange131124B/WBell's Five Bells Inn. A Charrington's sign and 6 cars in front of the building. 
View from the Church Vange131126B/WBell's View of terraced houses in London Road from the field adjacent to the church.Bell graphic between Post and Card inscribed B. P. Co. Ltd.
View from the Church, Vange131128B/WBell's View of London Road terraced houses from the field next to All Saints Church. 
Gales Corner, Vange131131B/WBell's View of Gales store from Basildon railway bridge.Real Photograph. Also printed postcard example same title numbered Y 4155 30 on rear area reserved for the postage stamp.
Bull Road, Vange131133B/WBell's The Bull public house looking west in the direction of Church Road. 
View from Bridge, Vange131135B/WBell's View of the London, Tilbury & Southend railway and Basildon East signal box which became operational in May 1923.Real Photograph. Also printed postcard example same title numbered Y 4152 30 on rear area reserved for the postage stamp.
The Bridge, Vange131136B/WBell's View taken from the railway bridge in the direction of Nevendon. 
Vange Corner, Vange131139B/WBell's Five Bells Inn with Charrington's sign. H. Sargent & Son above the blacksmith's shop. 
Ramsay Drive, Vange131145B/WBell's Centre of the road view of Ramsay Drive with newly completed bungalows either side. 
Painters Hill, Vange131146B/WBell's Paynters Hill war memorial and bungalows looking towards London Road. 
High Road, Vange131149B/WBell's The Barge Inn, Saunders bakery, shops north side only. 
The Swimming Pool, Vange142145B/WBell's Swimming pool at Riverside Farm. 
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