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Gordon Smith, Kemps and other publishers.

Edward Gordon Smith (15/06/1857 - 30/05/1906) released 6 postcards from the Basildon area, 4 of which were taken in Vange in the early 1900s. The other 2, numbered 1604 and 1605, were from Pitsea.

Edward Gordon Smith
Title Number Colour Publisher Date View Detail
Vange Church1600B/W & Hand ColouredGordon Smithc.1904Vange Church.Printed postcard, G. Smith, Photor., 15 Stroud Green Road, N.
Vange School1601B/W & Hand ColouredGordon Smithc.1904Vange School before the extension was added.Details as for 1600.
Vange Hope Hall & Gordon Hall1602B/W & Hand ColouredGordon Smithc.1904Early view of the two halls with Basildon Bridge just visible in the background.Details as for 1600.
High Road, Vange, Essex1603B/W & Hand ColouredGordon Smithc.1904The Barge Inn, Saunders bakery.Details as for 1600.
The Vange Schools B/WA.D.S.c.1904Early view of the school before the extension was added. 
The Vange Church B/WA.D.S.c.1904Angled view of All Saints church. 
Vange Village B/WA.D.S.c.1904London Road terraced houses.The Stockdale Series.
Kemps Series
Basildon Corner, VangeNo 9B/WKempsc.1930sView of the railway bridge from the Bull Road junction. 
Nevendon Road, VangeNo 17B/WKempsc.1930sBungalows on the approach to Basildon Bridge. 
Timberlog Lane, VangeNo 18B/WKempsc.1930sView from the railway bridge in the direction of Nevendon. 
The Bull Inn, VangeNo 19B/WKempsc.1930sThe Bull in Bull Road, Vange. Mann, Crossman Paulin sign. 
A.J. Padgett & Son Ltd.
Vange, Essex2343B/WPadgettc.1920sLondon Road in the direction of Paynters Hill. 
War Memorial, Vange4060B/WPadgettc.1920sThe war memorial at Paynters Hill.Padgett's "Haven" Series, Leigh-on-Sea. - Copyright
L.S. Co. Ltd. Southend
Basildon Bridge Corner2321B/WL.S. Co. Ltd. Southendc.1920sView of the railway bridge and Bull Road junction. 
Thurrock Council
The 5 Bells Pub, Fobbing. 1969 ColourProduced by Laslett/Painter Ltd.1969Colour view of the Five Bells. Green Charrington sign to front of pub. Rear text reads 'Formerly in the Parish of Fobbing'.A Thurrock Museum Postcard.
Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd.
Riverview Road, PitseaVG 1B/WTuckc.1950sView of Riverview from its junction with Claremont Road, bungalows to left side.Lower white border has number, title and A Tuck Card. Postmarked 1954 example.
 VG 2B/WTuckc.1950s  
Vange ChurchVG 3B/WTuckc.1950sVange Church.Details as for VG 1.
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